Friday, February 19, 2010

Nice Day Off

I have spent the day - sewing!! It has been fun. Listening to music, Queen started off my day and I worked on my guild challenge.

I have a few more to make, uh, quit a few, but I think they will be fun when done. I probably didn't need to buy more fabric, but it's all good. I love scraps, and I love blue, and I have a new book that shows me new ways to use up my 'leftovers'!!

I really enjoyed going through Bonnies "Leaders and Enders book yesterday!! Found a couple quilts that I liked and I also found a border or two that I could use on this project....... or not!!! I will see. I am not sure if I should do a peiced border or just a plain one, it would all have to be blue no matter what I decide so......

I also did a little piecing on my Piece and Goodwill quilt. I have two blocks done, and alot of pieces sewn together. So, today I realized I have enough red/green pieces to do the center 4 patch on the blocks, and sewed a few of them together. Mindless sewing, with peices coming together, but not a block done yet. I have had a very nice day.

Here are the 4 patches!!

Close up of the green pieces:

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