Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stash Busting - 186 yrds!

Yup, my totals are growing in the stash department!!
I have added about 8 yrds to it with my purchase this week. But, I like the gold and am not mad at myself at all!!
The gold is a Robert Kaufman - 'Fusions'. I have about 4 yrds of it now.... but is sure is pretty!!
Yes, I have been sewing daily - 20 minutes a day at least, even it that 'sewing' time is cutting, it sure makes a difference when I do get down the actual sewing part.
And I have gotten the call to come pick up my big machine from the repair shop. I guess I didn't kill it after all!! That is a good thing, really thought I had. And, the repair is under a $100 - so I didn't do anything to awful after all. I was sure it was going to be an expensive fix.
So, this is this weeks report!! It's been a great week and tomorrow is the start to another great week. I am at my new job and I like it. Alot quieter than my last job!! And even though some nights I will be there till 11, it's only a 5 minute drive to home, so it's really nice.
And the Olymics are over - almost, we have a hockey game to win tonight - then 'normal' TV will be back on and, funny, but I really haven't missed any of the shows....... hmmmmm. Really enjoyed the Olympics this year though. First time I really watched them too - could it because they were held in Cananada that made the differnce??? I don't know!


  1. I hope it is a great Gold Medal game, USA could win but it will be tough!! I loved the games this year, I even really got into curling. I haven't watched it in some time.

    Keep up on the daily sewing/cutting, I find it really makes a huge difference over time. Now if I could do that for sorting my closets, I would be in great shape.

  2. I love that gold too! :-) and the blue! And~ LOL :-) You get the idea! :-)) Hope you are having a fun day!

  3. That gold is so yummy. I like the bright blue too. I've used yards and yard of that bright blue color over the years. Enjoy!

  4. Everybody needs a stash to work from. What a great gold fabric found! I love it. Enjoy your new job.
    Dee Dee