Thursday, February 18, 2010

BOM blk

I did my very easy Block of the Month last night. It took about 20 minutes to sew together - I had it cut out the night before, and it's a nice easy blk. Sometimes simple is nice. And these blks I am liking. I just might do something with these blks!!!! No, I will do something with them - no maybe about it. Changing habits is what it is all about for me this year, and finishing is a huge habit that I will create.

Here is my blk!!!

See, simple!! The owner of the store fought breast cancer a couple years ago, and wants to go back to the basics. And not have a hard blk to create for herself and for us!! It's nice - no applique and fussy stuff, blks I really don't like. These, some of the patterns I could see making a quilt from!! And, I like the easy, quick, part!! I can get it done in the sewing time I have alloted to myself.

And, all my bought fabrics have been washed - so nothing to stop me now from making my guild challange blks!!

See Myra!! Picture!!!!