Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stash Busting - moved up 178 1/4 yrds!!

I didn't report last week, that I had bought fabrics, but I did 6 yrds as a matter of fact!! Picture of them are in a past post.

I just feel like buying fabric - not a good thing!! But I feel okay about it because I just have not been feeling very creative lately, and that little urge to go and check out a store to see what's out there, lets me know the fire may not be burning, but it is smoldering and will come back!!
I am going to spend today sewing, making more pieces for the "Peace and Goodwill" quilt. And make a block or two today!! I am also making more of my guild challenge blocks - this is my number one priority for this month!!
And, here is some exciting news - I have bought these CD's to help me learn to quilt!!! On my machine at home, so I can make something and get it finished, without waiting for my long arm quilter to do it. They are on the way to me now, and I am going to lean this skill and be a master of my machine..... and speaking of machines, I have not heard back yet from the store where I took my big machine in to get fixed............. Did I kill it??? How much is the damage???? Is it time for a new machine???? I hope not. Much as I pretend I would like it, I just do not want to have that in my finacial view right now!! I want to put my money somewhere else, and a new machine can wait!! It would be fun though wouldn't it?? lol!! Okay, off to sew the day away!!!! After I have come and seen what you've been up to, of course!!!


  1. Ohh, I like those fabrics...but those are the colors I have been working with recently. Hope to see something creative soon!