Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I am off to work today!!

Yup, they asked me to come in today at 1 o'clock, to check out the store and learn some stuff!! We don't open till Friday, and I got the news last night, (why she didn't tell me earlier I don't know, - oh, right, she wasn't talkin' to me!!) - My daughter is working there too!! She found out the day of the interview, so, over a week ago. I am glad for her. She is at the end of her high school carreer, and she is so done with everything right now. I hope she keeps her head and just finishes her school days and then, moves onto a higher education.....

Went to the dentist yesterday. I get to go back in June!! I am so excited!!! And she wants me to see a real dentist for a check up, x-rays and everything!! oh, I can't stand it!!! And, then we might talk about getting a crown for my tooth!!! A crown!!! I wounder if it will have diamonds on it??? If it's kind of pointy, it might help break up the food as I chew, but brushing might be a pain......... We will see what happens I guess!

And, I hit the quilt shop - oh boy.... I should have just kept going to the grocery store instead!! Yup, I bought more fabric - but it's so pretty!! And I found a blue that will make a nice border for my guild challenge. Unless I change my mind......
Here are my newest additons to Brenda's stash!!
Here is my fabrics - I took the rest of the bolt on the gold and the blue one.
the rest are FQ's
I think this gold is sooooo pretty!!! I was looking through some patterns the other night, and saw one that had gold in it, and I don't have any more gold. So, now I do. And I am breaking the habit of only buying FQ's!! I am now, if I like it, going to buy lager pieces. Makes it a good thing for borders and backing!!
Here is a close up of the FQ's. I have a lighter version of the border - I picked it up first before I saw the darker bolt and thought, hmmmm. And I love the brighter blue one!!! The top one is Christmas fabric, love it!! So, I took two of the FQ's on that fabric!!
And here is the last of my FQ's. A lighter gold, and a batik. This batik makes me think of a circus!! I think it will be great in my project(s). It has tons of colour in it, so I can use it anywhere!! The gold I bought can be used on Christmas projects or just where I think it will look good.
So this was my shopping yesterday. $100 worth.
Funny how fast that adds up isn't it.....

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  1. Love all the fabrics, but the gold is absolutely scrumptious! I'm looking hard because I think I might have some of it in my stash?

    I wish I were home, too. Work is way too stressful. I feel like I'm drowning. It wasn't supposed to be this way.... I'm such a wimp! I'm finding it so hard to make everything work. I had to have my dad pick up Z from school since he vomited in class today. He and his sister were home yesterday sick. I'm at my wit's end!