Saturday, February 13, 2010


I bought fabric!!!! I took my big machine in to be fixed - finally - and looked around the store...... I just needed some relaxed time and to explore and see if anything grabs my attention. Well, I wandered the whole store and I found a 1/2 meter batik that I kinda liked..... held it for a minute then put it back, oh look!! A nice orange wool fabric for the snowmens noses!! A PhD wll hanging that has been in hiding for a very long time....... so I held onto that fabric........ and then I finally got to the bin of FQ's. BINGO!!! And I did go back and grab the other 1/2 meter piece and we came home!!

I am still collecting lights and darks of this fabric for a future project - and I know I don't have any oranges or colors like this, I aim to go for the dark's and that is so true because the first ones came in a group setting, and the ones I choose are the dark ones at the end.... the 1/2 meter is the one just before the last orange one.....

Now I will show you the blues I picked up the other day at my BOM class. These are for my guild challange. I like them. I am also on the lookout for a nice border for this project - but I do not have to have it right now.

I stuggle to put pictures on here, I end up loosing them!! It drives me nuts!!! but here I go again......

4 more batiks, that I liked and thought I could add to my collection. Walking into my sewing room a few minutes ago, I should not be adding ato my collection at all!!! I should be doing the many projects I have bought kits for!!!! But they are so pretty!!!!

I am now going to show you the top I have done with the blks I showed you in a earlier post - I have sewn them together, as is and used a dark border to finish it off. I have informed Myra, the PhD leader - that I consider this a 'finish' for the challange. Reason is, I am working to get all my projets to the top stage - get them out of boxes and put together - once as a top, I can take them in to be quilter, since I do not do that myself, yet. So, here is the second Christmas Quilt I have done this year!!! With alot of help from my friends!! These blks came from a swap I did on the HGTV web site with my friend Sandie, and here is the outcome of a swap I actually sewed together!!! (yes, I do have others that are sitting in a box.....)
Ignore the bottom left hand side!!! I didn't realize that was in the picture till I got looked at it, It is fabric I am planning on using in my Piece and Goodwill quilt that I am making with Sandie and Shannon for Shannon's Christmas Blog!! It is from the Nov/Dec issue of Quiltmaker magazine!!

I am using up scraps, and it's a good thing becaue you don't realize how many you have till you find a place to put them!! And I like it - each blk will be different, but I know it will work when it's done. And I already like it - even though I am only 2 blk in and it wants me to make 30. And anything goes here, if it's the right colour, green or red or a nice soft neutral, I cut it up and it's in the pile!! The only thing I am doing is making the right hand side of the pointy green blks a darker green than the left one. And the tips of these blks I am trying to make them have gold in them. But if they don't, it's all good!!!!

Now onto my next fun thing!!! I do not drink alot of things where I have to use a styrofoam cup, but when I do, those things are hot to hold!!! Well, a long time ago, I thought to myself "Self, make one out of fabric and that silver lined batting you use for pot holder!! Keep this sleeve and make yourself a pattern!!!" so, I didn't!!!! I did keep the sleeve though - and I am so glad I did because I found this woman who did exactly what I had planned!!! And these work up really fast and it's also the demo I did at my guild meeting the other night!!! Very quick, VERY easy and I love 'em!!!!!!

And here is one of the 'boxes' I told you about that holds my UFO projects!! I have made these reverable, and please DO NOT TRY TO SEW THROUGH STICKY VELCRO!!!!!!! Your machine will rebel and make your life miserable!!! And if I try it again, remind me that I knew that!!!!! I figure if, and when, the velcro comes off, I will, and can sew it on then, but not before!! I love this. Now, before I loose any more pictures - yup, just had to replace the first one - again!!! I am running away screaming and taking my beautiful daugher to the city for a day out with Mom and for shoes!!!! Happy Valentines Day!!!!!


  1. Love your photo's!!! Your Christmas quilt is gorgeous! Now you have me re-thinking...again!! :-o And your Piece and Goodwill blocks look great! Whoohoo! :-)) And the batiks~ love them!!
    Happy shoe shopping! And Happy Valentine's Day too. :-)

  2. Your top is great. And your fabrics are very pretty. I have been shying away from batiks but they are so pretty. I am still enjoying our anniversary weekend, we will head home today after a little shopping. He isn't irritable just miserable at times. I hope this kidney stone passes soon, the pain is horrible for him. My quiltathon will start today and end tomrrow because I have the day off. I am glad, I love days off.

  3. I'm glad to see you here today. I'm sorry I didn't make it here sooner!!

    Everything looks awesome. I'm loving the Christmas top and the Piece blocks. (I need to get busy with mine. I've been busy with M's quilt-----finished!!!!!---and log cabing blocks.)

    I'm happy you got to shope for fabric.

    And, thanks for the link to the sleeve. I made them before, but I'm going to see if this one is better.