Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another Sunday - Nothing to Report!!

Well, I have finished - gotten to the top stage, so for me, since I do not 'quilt' my projects yet myself, have finished for now, one of my UFO's or PhD's!! It is the blks I had done a swap with - oh boy, a couple years ago now?? Time is just flying by me it seems. Things I think I did about 6 months ago, uh, no, try 2 yrs ago............ But it's all good!!

No picture yet, - I will get one. I have been doing my 20 minutes of sewing a day - it does make a huge difference for me. It makes a dent in the things I want to do, and keeps my thinking and planning. And it's a great way to get myself energized. Either at night when I am tired and just want to go to bed, if I have not done my time, I go in there and sit to do something - cutting, sewing, something that is related to this craft, and I come out, sometimes way past the 20 minutes - but when I do come back out, I feel calmer, happier, and relaxed....... I love this feeling. I do enjoy the gift I have given myself, of sewing for the 20 minutes a day. Sometime, this is all the time I have to give myself, but it's my time and I totally enjoy the whole process!!

Yes, I am actively looking for another job. The other day, a woman came throught the till and we got talking. She was asking why we didn't carry large filter for coffee pots that business' use. I asked here where she worked. And innocent question - so she told me. Then I asked if they were looking for help... not such an innocent question, but it usually makes people laugh, and I like that!! Well, she actually said yes! And, it's at a fitness place - I am not so fit..... told her that! This was all still in fun, the conversation, but at the end of it, she gave me her card, and I told her if she got a resume' that said: presently working at Costco, it's probably mine - she said she would remember me!! lol!! So, yes, I am going to drop off a resume, and even if nothing else, she was fun to talk to and I just might have a place get fit in!!

I also have an interview this Friday for the liquor store. In town, easy to walk to, well, a good walk to keep me fit anyways!!! And I could still use it as my time to listen to motivational CD's on my walkman!! This is how I spend my 2 hour drive to work now, listening to people saying how great it can and will be - so might as well keep that up while I go to my new job!! Positive thinking here!! Yup, I will have a new job soon.

And I still have my resume in a the greenhouse. Wouldn't it be cool if I could do all three jobs??!! I think it would be crazy fun though!! Get my green thumb growing, work out, and have fun there, and then relax and joke with the people coming to get their fix.... hmmmmm

Okay, my stash report is - well, I did use up some for the borders on my top.... let's make it 3/4 of a yard. I used up two pieces to make this border and they were both small pieces.

So my new number for today is - can I have a drum roll please!! - 172 1/4 yards!!!

My goal, I guess is to use up what I have counted so next year, I can start from zero and go down from there!!! It is actually fun for me to use up what I have - especially since I only bought things that caught my eye, and mostly FQ's!! Not to many large pieces of fabric in my stash - mostly fun things, novelty prints. When it comes to borders and the like, backings - I realize that I need to rethink my buying habit, so I have started to buy larger pieces!

Okay, I need to get myself out the door for another 8 hr day a this job that I love, yeah, I love my job, I love my job, I love my job..... I am blessed to have this job. And that last one, I do mean. So, have a great Sunday, and Sew to your Hearts content!!!!


  1. If you say you love your job a million tomes, does it come true? The liquor store would be a good job to have. Feeling thirsty? And to work at a greenhouse woould be great too! First pick of the plants. And working at a fitness center is a great job. Boy, I hope you get them all!

  2. I've worked at three jobs several years ago. . .it was interesting but I would break out in cold sweats thinking that I was heading to one job when I was supposed to be at another! he he

  3. I think everyone is doing the same mantra! Glad the 20 minutes a day is reviving you. Sometimes I don't want to think hard when I sew, so I do "mindless sewing". Very relaxing and I'm still getting something done. Good luck at the job search!

  4. You are the person of positive should record your own CD or Podcast for me. LOL!