Friday, February 12, 2010


I made myself a promise this year, to blog more than I had been, and so , here I am again. I actually took picutes too!! I have them still in my camera, but I have them - missing one though, so I will get that one and then share them with you.

I am just sitting here, nervous. My interview for the job in town is in an hour...... Oh, how I want this job. It' s not even funny how much I want to be in town again. I don't mind the drive to my job now, I use the time to think and dream and just have some me time. What I do mind though, is coming home to a messy house where no one does anything - and if I was in town, that would stop - right now. No complaining alloweed here, so .......

I am nervous. More nervous than I thought I would be. Why??? ahhhhhh....... If I don't get it, it just means that something better is on the agenda, but, in all honesty, I do not want to go back to my 'old' job............ Oh, I don't like that thought. I am grateful for my job, I am glad I have it. I enjoy the people I work with and they like me too. I even went out for coffee after work the other night with a group of them (first time) and I had fun. So, I will keep that thought in my head as I get myself ready and out the door today. My next day off is Wednesday............. And I won't think about that either!!! lol!!

Okay, I am off for an interview for a job I really want to get. My tummy is so tight it's not funny. And I usually don't feel this way. When I first saw the sign about this job, months ago, I got this flood of emotion that said, "This in your job!!" And, it felt so true and right, that I just knew I had it. Now, today, is the day of reality. Will they like me?? Will I honestly have a new job after today???? And when will they let me know????????????? I am going to drive myself crazy here.
Gotta go. Just thought I'd share.

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  1. Well Brenda, how did the interview go? I hope you get it, and that they notify you soon!!!

    Not fun coming home to a mess that everyone else has made, after a tiring shift of work... 8-(
    Time your family learns to pick up after themselves, especially since you are working now!!!

    I look forward to seeing your photos!

    Good luck!