Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am Commited to doing my PhD's!!!

So, here is my proof that I have publicly announce that - I am finishing projects that I have started. I said I would do '10'. And, last night after pulling out my list of things on the go, I took these projects off my list I made as I was heading into 2009. This means that these projecs are now a year older than they were last year when I wanted them done!!!!!

I honestly believe it is time to put these puppies to bed.

I will have them listed on my side bar.

This is only a few I picked from my list. Ones that I think I can get done in the 6month time frame with work and everything else as a consideration. But, I have the time - we all do - it's just using the time to our advantage. Some people blow me away with what they get done in a 24 hr. period. So, what's stopping me from doing the same????? Just me. Habits. With this challenge, I am going to be changing habits - for the better!!

One of my 'life changing habits" I am changing is: I finish everything I start. I do not leave it - for years!!!!!! It's amazing how long some of these things have been waiting for my attention again. And I wanted to do these - make them for my walls, and I start with high hopes, then, I stop..........

No more. I am on a roll. Today, I will have the red border on my Christmas lights. Binding will be cut now, so it's ready and waiting for it's time to be used. And I am going to contact my quilter and see if she can take this in, and I am on finishing streak!!!! Granted, I am still at the starting gate, but at least I am heading in the right direction!!!

Come join the challange. And if I did this all right - Thanks Myra!!! - you will get taken to our fearless leader's blog and let her know you want in!!!!


  1. LOL! Woman with a mission and then some!!! Wow! You go girl! LOL!
    You managed everything great with the button/links! Good for you! 8-)
    I look forward to the next 6 months with you Brenda!
    Now, if I can get my butt off this computer, sort-a-speak, then I'll be off and running too!
    Happy stitchings!

  2. Great idea! You can be flexible too you know - sometimes when I start something BIG and really hate it - I turn it into something small. Like a table runner, candle mat, or something. I just stopped making a large quilt and turned what I had into 3 small doll quilts to gift - not the original plan, but it turned out well. I have a nephew that likes to say Go With the Flo - I guess that applys to quilting too! Cheers! Evelyn