Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stashbusting!! Still at 160 yrds!

Here are some of my project half done - that I do not have writtin on my PHD challange list!!
Oh - yes I do, this one with the flowers!! This is "G's Quilt" and it 's on there. The others, not on there, but need to be done. I was told a blog should have photo's.... so here these are at the 1/2 done stage!!!! And no, I have not been working on them, but they have been on my mind.......

I have been sewing, did not buy anthing this week, but have no changes to report.

I shouldn't say I've been 'sewing' - I have actually been cutting and that takes alot of time!!! I am creating a kit of pieces for my guild challange - so I now have 3 bags with 3 bags each of the pieces needed for the 3 different blks that the quilt is asking for. And, since I have changed the last row to be 1/4" wider to help with the squaring up of blks (which I am not not enjoying doing!!!) the one thing I didn't think of is: I need to make the last row 1/4" longer!!!!! So the last two pieces that I need to cut for each blk, has to have 1/4" added to it's lenghth. Then, they will all fit together nicely!!! I respect and admire any designers who can make the pieces for a quilt go together smoothly!!! I bow down to you!!!! And I thank-you all from the bottom of my heart!!! There are a few designers that I don't even have to think when I use their instuctions, and after just doing a slight 1/4 change on this pattern, what a difference that little change makes to the whole outcome!!!!


  1. The flower quilt is bright and pretty. The snow man, I liked to see it when done, they look so cute. The little one with a witches foot and broom is nice for the fall. I like them all.

  2. I need to get mine out, too. I may feel obligated to finish them, though, which I don't think I'm in the mind to do. LOL I had the same Santa quilt! We are sisters... I made mine, didn't quilt it, and then sold it at a garage/fabric sale a couple of years ago for $10. Shame on me...

  3. Cutting is not a fun part of quilting for me so making kits sounds horrible. I am sure the people who recieve the kits will be very apprciative.

    Love the projects!

  4. Great "photos" Brenda! LOL! 8-)

    Wonderful projects, and I love G's quilt thus far!

    I'll agree whole heartedly about making a little change on a pattern can lead to much thought and many changes in the end... Can be very confusing... it is for me at least! 8-)

    Happy stitchings on those PhDs of yours!