Wednesday, January 6, 2010

PhD's - look out!!!

Well, Myra, I am in........

I have a very large colletion of PhD's - Projects half Done. Or the flying saucer things - UFO's but my UFO's are just hovering and not doing anything exciting, so, it's time (has been for a long time now!!) to get these DONE!! Finished. Complete. Make room for something else.

It's amazing to me how I can keep moving on from one project to another and not even think twice. These undone projects take up alot space in my room. And really helps with the mess I posted already this year. I am publicly commiting myself to getting these done.
On my list I started to create as '09 was ending of things I would like to see myself doing this year - 2 of these projects a month is #4 - Finish Phd's!!!! At least "2" a month.

Okay, I am going public with my goal! I am now accountable to others. I am going to be making my side bar list later on today, or tomorrow. And figuring out how to get the link to Myra's blog..... Right now, I have a border to put on my Christmas Lights, and make sure I am ready to go to work by 2.
I was woken up this morning earlier than I wanted to be, so that is not a good thing. I am ready for a nap, but don't have the time if I want to get my sewing done. And, since I wanted the border done by tomorrow, I have to get the 2nd one today, so tomorrow I can get on the third!! Yeah!!! And make the binding for this project and I am ready to move on to the next best thing - getting my projects that have been waiting a long time, done. PLUS - I have moncromatic quilt that I have to have done, complete, finished, by my guilds wind up meeting in June of this year!!!

so, I have definite plans and goals to work on this year!!! thanks Myra for the push!!!

(I will be working on this page later with what need to be included here!!)


  1. Yaaaaaaay..... That is great Brenda! I need all the company in this journey to egg me on!!! I will put you in my sidebar with a "?" till you let me know how many projects, and if you need help with how to link let me know...

  2. Oh you brave girl! :-)) I am still finding things I want to start! :-))))

  3. I just joined in with all of you! Good luck!