Monday, January 25, 2010

Design Wall Monday!! - Jan 25

Well, nothing has changed on my wall - except I have a couple more of my blue box bocks on it - but I have not updated my picture.

This is still what it looks like today. I have been cutting and doing a little sewing, which I still need to get to today. I have stayed home from work the last two days, and don't want to go in today, but I will......... Saterday on my way in, I decided instead to spend a bit of time stuck in the ditch in a snowbank instead!!! So, I didn't go in that day!! I was having fun stuck there!! I was shocked when I realized my car was doing all kinds of funky things on the road - very unexpectedly, and no, I was not driving real fast!!! I did make one big mistake and as soon as I did it, I knew I was in trouble!!! Do not put your foot on the brake!!! I hope I remember that, if I ever get in that situation again!!! lol!! But I was fine. Lots of people drive down that road, I was surprised - so I met alot of really nice people!! And I had already phoned for help to come, so I was not there long. I could have made it to work, would have been a little late, but, eh, I went home instead. And yesterday, I just wanted to be home with my kids. So, I stayed here..... This is not who I am at all. When I have a job, I am there - but even my gut is telling me not to go.... Did I tell you about the dream I had (felt like all night long????) right before the new year?? This little guy, I don't know who he was, told me "Do not to go in tomorrow, or Thursday, and he wanted me to take Saterday off too. " Of course, Friday was New Years Day, and the store was closed. Well, I woke up, laughed at the this crazy dream and went to work. Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday though, I had a sore throat, which kept feeling worse as the day wore on. I spent New Years Day, sick on the couch, and had no choice but not go in on Saterday, was to sick. So, even my dreams are trying to keep me home!!!!

Yesterday, I got to eat with my kids!!!!! Yeah!!! I made spinach maincotti and veggies - it was good!!! Tonight, I have a Spinach Lasagne in the fridge ready for them to pop in the oven and cook for tonights meal, and I have plans for tomorrows dinner too. If I can't be here, at least I can cook for them. I really am missing being home. So much that I am even cleaning things, just so I can feel good about not going in to work. Can not think of a reason to stay home today....... so I am going in. Funny, but I don't mind the drive to work. It's just - I want a job that fills my soul with joy. And this is not it.

Have a great Monday. Oh, and yes, a job can fill you up with happiness. I have had that type of situation twice now, and I know it will come again. today would be!!


  1. Mmm, you are making me hungry with your meals! :-) Hope work went ok~ ;-)

  2. You are doing so much better than I am hanging in there....

    Dinner sounds yummy!