Monday, January 18, 2010

Design Wall Monday!! - Jan 18

Well, not very exciting stuff on my 'wall' of indecision, but I have up there a "PhD" - my D9P. It is not what I want it to be.... I do not want a square throw!!! Has to be rectangular - but my stuggle is, how to make it so....... I have some ideas, but I am not sure yet what I'll do. I also have my guild challange square blks up there, just 'cause.

I am working on them, in the sense that I am cutting out fabrics for it, but not sewing right now. I have made on change to my pattern - the last row of every blk is now being cut an extra 1/4" so I have some room for squaring them up the right size when a blk is sewn. My first two are just squeaking by, and I want some wiggle room!!
So, I am doing great at keeping up with my 20 minutes of sewing a day - and am getting caught up with the days I've missed too!!! Still working on last year, but I am into Dec. now!!! I am working and still keeping up with things I want to do too!!! Except movies...... I want to go to the movies, but work is interfering with that!!!!! lol!!
Daughter graduates this year. We have bought the 'dress' - and now, right now I mean, I have her talking behind me about buying a car....oh my!!! Constant chatter back there behind me, and it's funny to listen to. Trying to figure out what kind she wants, what's good on gas, she likes yellow (my least favorite colour!! Especially in a car!!!!), and she would rather buy it from a dealership, a 'good' dealership!!!
But I do agree, she needs a car. With me gone all the time working, and we share my car..... she is stuck here unless someone else can give her a ride to where she wants to go so..... I do understand her desire for a car. I just can't help her with it. This will be her bill, and it's not like she's got the money either. Then insurance for her. Another reason for wanting to have a job closer to town. Save us both some money.
Job wise - this is interesting: I have put my name in the hat to work in the Costco greenhouse. And I have my name at the greenhouse close to town. I would really enjoy working with plants and be outside for the summer months!!! I love it outside, so I am really hoping this will pan out for me.
I have my resume in my vehicle now, at all times, so if I come across a place that interests me and I think I might want to work there, I am ready to apply!!!
I am going to find a job I love. Where work in play, and the hours are never long. And since I have had jobs like this before, I know I will find another one!!!
See you next Monday!!! Stay sewing and lets get this done!!!!


  1. I love your design wall. :-) And the blue blocks are adorable! We've had the car talk with the kids too and have decided to wait. I want it to be their purchase, so they have the responsibility of taking care of it. ;-) I drove an old clunker when I was in college~ it had 'character'. LOL Good luck with the job searches! Happy Stitchin'!

  2. I really like that quilt! I am so proud of you seeing some of your projects show up again!!

    Me, I rushed home. I've baked refrigerator chocolate chip cookies and some cupcakes. (so, so on the cupcakes--I always fill my papers too full...) I also cooked some potstickers for me for late lunch.

  3. I love D9P's but I agree the square shape makes a different throw size. I left mine square shaped, couldn't figure out a solution. I think if you sash between groupings you may be able to make a D9p rectangular.

    Hope the job search brings you the job of your dreams.

  4. The colors in the D9 patch are great. The batik fabrics make it look more complex than it is.

  5. Love the disappearing 9 patch...I'm working on a miniature version this week!

  6. I have had 3 yellow cars and loved all of them. The first was a Vega (first car), the second was a New Beatle, and the third was a Mustang convertible. The only reason I don't have the Mustang is that DH likes to trade cars. Good luck with the car and job search.

  7. Your D9-P looks great! 8-)

    A yellow car? My daughter would shoot me if I even comment on one, never mind to buy one! lol!

    I sure hope you find your change in jobs very soon Brenda! 8-)

    Happy stitchings!