Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentines day and PhD on wall.......

Well, I am thinking Valentines today, and Martha Stewart sent me some info on making stuff for it today!!! Cards!! Lots of different cards - and that just might be fun to do!!!

And, I pulled off the D9P from my design wall, and pulled out a PhD today - one that is not on my list, but one that I want to do. I was in a swap a few years ago now, and I have the blks on there, roughly, and am deciding what I want to do with them. So far, I am thinking of a sashing between them - but the fabric I have that I liked as the break up fabric, well, I do not have very much of it.... Looks like I need to do a little shopping here!!!

It feels good to be working on something, other than the bit's and pieces I have been doing. My leader/enders have turned into my 20 min sewing projects, which defeats the whole purpose it them!!!!! So, I thought to myself "self - get out a UFO and get to work on it!! You told yourself that you wanted to get through 2 a month - AND - you joined Myra's PhD challenge and here you are piddling around with nothing to show for it!!!!", so I listened to me, and I have a project up to be worked on.........

With tons more waiting to be shown the light of day.............

And I possibly have tomorrow off so......... besides doing something with the hamburger I bought yesterday, I will be sewing.
This is not a great picture of the fabric, but what I like about it is, it's got a dark background with gold through it - I am thinking the blackness of it will calm the blks down. I was thinking of putting them into sets of 4, with sashing all around them and a gold cornerstone in each corner....... Am I getting my quilty terms right!?!?! I love when I call what I think is the right word for it, and it's just so not what I am talking about! ah well. I am off to work now - enough with my creative thinking and contemplating for today. Back to packing groceries into boxes for people and just have some fun..... yeah!! Hi, ho, hi, ho, it's off to work I go..........


  1. LOL~ I love those blocks!! *wink*wink* There are some just like them in my closet! :-o I had pulled a black with gold for them too!~ great minds think alike! LOL :-)

  2. D9P--no sashings, no corner stones. Make it easy and let the design show! Here is one I made lately--the purple border should have been narrower--but its a "live and learn" world!


  3. Great blocks Brenda!!! Love the sashing fabric and your idea on how to use it with your blocks!!! Good for you with your PhD drive!!! 8-)
    My head keeps thinking about them, but there is too many other things in there too, and too much to do otherwise... 8-(
    Eventually I'll get back at'er!!!
    Happy stitchings, and good luck finding a new job!