Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Stash Report - Jan 3 - 173 yrds

Well, it's been awhile since I've thought about this part of my 'hobby'. Stash Reports.

Last year, I was going to figure out how much fabric I have. I counted alot of it, but I also left a fair bit uncounted. It's going to stay that way. So, my numbers are going to work for me - I am starting 'fresh' with the number I had as my total last time I did this, and it will change as I finish things, so can count that fabric as used, and if I buy anything to add to the pile.....

My stash stands at: 173 yrds
nothing in and nothing out

And that is where I will start the year at. Here is to finishing everything I have started.

And yes, I started a new thing yesterday..... "Piece & Goodwill" from the Quiltmaker magazine #130. I was just going through my stash looking for the scraps I could use in this - reds, greens and neutrals. Then, I put them all into seperated bags... Then thought, why not cut some pieces, while you are not feeling good and are just watching TV anyway, so I did....... then I got up yesterday morning and found more little scraps I could cut from all three bags...... then, well, how hard is it to do that square piece on the green rectangle?? Do I have to mark every square so it lines up right on the rectange and will work like it's supposed to??? Had to check out my skill, so, now, I have actually started working on this project!! I am still going to be doing it as leader/enders, but I am having fun with it right now.

Yes, the Christmas Lights is still waiting for border #2, I have them cut and waiting. Border fabric #3 is still waiting to be ironed!

I love to sew little pieces of fabric together. I really enjoy that. Cutting out and working with large pieces of material.... not so much!! But borders have to be cut and sewn on too, so it will be done!


  1. I can't imagine counting my stash, lol. I'd need an army of counters!

    Can't wait to see the new quilt!

  2. Brenda - I started going through my stash awhile back and decided it wasn't going to get counted. I just don't have that much time. It will cut into my sewing time. Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me some encouragement. I look forward to seeing us all meet our goals!

  3. Wow!You are taking this stashbusting to heart! If I counted my stash, I would need to re-START my heart!!! Great beginning to the year!

  4. Good for you, but no fair you started before me...LOL!!!! I've got fabric washed, but that's it.

  5. You go girl!!!
    Great idea to start another project as starters and enders... I will have to give that a go, and maybe I will get more done!!! lol... 8-)

  6. Oh, that looks like a fun quilt! Love the Christmas colors! Way to go!

    I don't have a HUGE stash, but can't imagine trying to count it all. The big yardages wouldn't be a big deal, but how do you calculate all those scraps, and little odds and ends pieces? That really blows my mind! I am just counting what comes in and what goes out!