Monday, January 26, 2009

Here is a Lasagne recipe!

I was trying to get this web page put on here - someday this is going to just be easy. Right now, it's a stuggle and I just go ahhhhhh!!

Anyway, this link is for a lasagne that I made the other day, and really liked!! It used turkey sausage (which I didn't know was out there!!) plus ground turkey, which I love. If you like lasagne, you migh like this recipe!

Enjoy! And this is what I was trying to do, when I could get back onto my post to change anything or add to it!!! Why have an 'edit' when all the choice I got was delete or post!!

Like I said, one day I will 'get it' right now, I just get lost!!!

Have a great day and enjoy the recipe if you try it!!

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  1. Hey Brenda!
    I edit my posts anywhere from 2 to 10 times before I am happy with my post... Have you clicked on the word "edit" when you are in the edit page, and choose which post you want to edit?
    Maybe you could try what I do... Once you have typed up your post, click publish. In the next window there is a place where it says "View blog in new window". A new window will open where you can look it over to see if all is as you wish. If not go back to the other window and click "edit post" and you will be brought back to your post to edit...
    To attach a link to a word or title in you post, you highlight and copy the link, then highlight the word/words in your post, then click on the little green icon with a chain-link thingy, a little box will pop up, paste the copied link in there, and you are done!!!
    I hope this info is what you are looking to accomplish! 8-)
    I also have a hint for you. Us creative bloggers love blogs with lots of photos... hint, hint... wink, wink... 8-)