Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Friday!! Again!!!!

It is cold in my neck of the woods - started out cold (-24* c ) and it's only going down from there. But next week, Monday is the start, it's supposed to warm up. Still in the negative numbers, but at least not this cold!!!

I did not like the manicotti recipe I made up just after Christmas. Just was not to my liking, so I have to try another one!! We had that for dinner last night. It was okay, but not a 'make again'.

I have sewn today!!! I am 8 days behind in my new rule of 'sew 20 mins a day'!!! that's not right!!!!

I am still on step one of Bonnie Hunters mystery quilt (which isn't a mystery anymore!!). I am hoping to be done with step one today, then I can read #2. This is how I am keeping it a 'mystery' for me!!

And the blk above, it's going into a future project - OBW wall hanging. (one block wounder). I love the cubes in the One Blk Wounder books - and this is one I made to practice the how to's of it. And it's probably going to be used, when I get to that future project.

I really enjoyed the OBW process!!! Mindless sewing. I have enought blks made to make a queens size bed - for me. And that is another UFO of mine, waiting to be pulled out and finished. And when I have figured out how to post a pic. that doesn't land at the top of this page, I will show you my OBW blk(s)!!
Okay, I have to get back at it - need to do some measureing of my flannel fabric to - and get that cut for the backing of my January Sunshine couch throw. I am looking forward to having that to curl under!!
I hope you are still working on your new years resolutions!! Every little bit of effort will pay off - and if you get behind, pick yourself up and just get back to it!!! Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Great block in the photo! Something for me to try one day...
    We have -23C today, but it is -36C with the wind-chill... brrrrrrrrr.....
    Happy stitchings! 8-)