Thursday, January 8, 2009

Almost Done!!

I am done the top of "Morning Star" - it is almost offically my new "January Sunshine"!!!

I really wasn't sure if I liked the way this quilt top was coming together. At times I would look at it and think it was awful, but I just thought, keep going, it's only for the couch... and you know what??? I like it!!!!!

It's all together now, and it just looks alot better than I would have thought it would/could!!! This is totally scrappy - not planned except that when I pulled out my nickel squares and put a bunch on the wall, I took away any that were not flowers. that is about all the planning I did!! Rarely did I change where the batiks were put, the stars, I did try to not have the really bright yellows to close together, and I think it looks good!! Yes, I am pleased with it. :-)

The backing will be flannel, I have that in my cupboard. Had gone to a sale this summer that a wounderful woman named Katie had and I bought the rest of a bolt of purple flannel from her. I will be posting a story and a project that, when it's done is already named "Katie" and you will learn why. I was like meeting an older me. She is a wounderful woman. And she is why I have enough flannel for this 'lets see what this will look like done' quilt throw I have made!!

Do you ever do that?? Make something just because you want to see what it would look like done??? I do it all the time.... and usually I like it. This quilt was created because I saw one done by a lady named Pat and really liked the quilt! I had looked through the Nickel books before, but didn't really 'see' this project until I had seen it done by Pat - so a huge thanks to Pat for helping me see this!!! Because of you I had to make my own, and I am so glad!! I am very happy with this project and can hardly wait to have it totally done!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!! This is definitely going on my to do list! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Wow, Brenda, that quilt is amazing! It looks like a very ambitious project. How good it will feel when it is complete and you can show it off! Nice work!