Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Report!

My Stash Total - 64 3/4 yards

And no, this is not my 'total' stash!! It is just what I have counted so far. I do not have a large stash, simpy because I buy more books and patterns than fabric!! And when I used to buy, I would buy FQ's, but I have moved on to larger pieces!! I just have not counted all my stash yet, and I have spent the most part of this week ill!! So, on my 20 minutes of sewing a day, yesterday, when I fianally felt awake enough to go and turn the machine on - I was 4 days owing - meaning I had not sewn my 20 min. for 4 days!! I got some sewing done, but I am still behind. Next week, I will be all caught up, and will have some used stash to count!!!! (that is, once I have figured out how much flannel is on that bolt I bought, and cut off what I need to wash for the backing of my January Sunshine!

So, this is my "Stash Report" for this week. We can only go up from here!!!

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