Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Making Meals Ahead

Well, yesterday and today, I have been making things for my freezer. Today, I made Porcupine Meatballs - which we will have some for supper tonight. And yesterday, I made "Rainy Day Chicken", "Sweet Soy Marinade Chicken", "Mexican chicken Lasange", "Cranberry Chicken", "Turkey Balls", and a "Taco Pie". The Taco Pie, I also made one for dinner last night and it was good!! I was thinking of ordering out for pizza (I had been on my feet all day and was feeling tired and hungry) when I laughed at myself! Uh, you have a fridge full of food, and your thinking of ordering out????? Uh, no your not. So, I grabbed one of my freezer books and found the taco pie. As I was making it (for supper) I thought, do I have the stuff to make one for the freezer too??? and I did!!! So, one for supper, the other got froze!

All the above, I have not made or tried before. So, these will all be new to me - well, us, when I pull them out and use them.

I went to Costco the other day and bought myself work. I bought a pkg of chick. breasts and a pkg of chick. boneless thighs. I also bought ground turkey, which I love!! I use it where I would use hamburger, so it's a nice change. And I got myself a pk of hamburger. So that made up the taco pie and the meatballs today.

I love having ready made meals in the freezer. I love it! Yes, it takes time to make them up, and some people say it's not cheaper (I think it is...) but I also do not make them up because of money. I make it up for the convenence and the fact that it's saves so much time it's not funny.

Think about it. You spend about an hour, fixing the evening meal...... or more. When you spend a weekend - or a day - making up things for the freezer (and make up more than one recipe of what ever you are doing!! that makes a huge differnce. Yesterday, I only made up one at a time....... Next time, they will be doubled or done by 4....) You will have spent the same amount of time making up your recipe, but you will have 2 (or more) to show for the time. And that is a huge time saver!!! When you are making up something for supper that night, there is no prep time involved, besides turning on the oven. Pop it in and in an hour, it's done. This means, you have more time to sew (which I have not done at all this week.........)

I love freezer meals. The only thing for me that I have a problem with is using them....... I don't like to eat the same things over and over and over and.... you get the drift!!! But right now I have a couple lasanges in there and turkey manicotti's, which I am eating on Thursday!!! I made them from the leftover turkey meat at Christmas. And I am thinking of cooking a turkey once a month just for the meat. I use it where I would use cooked chicken, and it's very handy to have on hand!

I am reading a book called "Power vs Force"..... it's not an easy read... but I am going to keep on with it. Another thing I want to accompish this year, is finishing the books I start - I read about 1/2 then something else catches my eye and I start on that before I am done the first one!!! I keep reading the first, but I want to just get into a book and read it, without distractions till the end. And I have been doing some crosss stich....... was only supposed to be on Sundays (till I got the ornaments done) but I have been working on it through the week.

I am still feeling like I've been hit by a tuck, but I am just going to keep on keeping on and get the stuff I need/planned to do, done. Okay, right now I should be doing the dishes, and look at another recipe that caught my eye earlier and then see if I can make it up. OH!! And it's almost time for dinner!!!
Wednesday. I really need to make me go sew. I am so behind!!!!


  1. Wow, sounds like you have been really busy in the kitchen! We were just talking about Porcupine Meatballs the other night!~ looks like I will be making them soon too. ;-)

  2. do you have a favorite cookbook you use to plan ahead, or just try your favorite recipes??