Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stash Report week 5

Okay - time to pay the piper!! (if I ever get this math figured out...... it will come - it has to!!)

Stash - 74 1/2 yrds
Old Stash now counted - 10 5/6 yrd

Fabric Added - 0
Fabric Added Year to Date - 7 1/2 yrd

Fabric Used this week - 4 yrd
Fabric Used so far this year - 10 3/4 yrds

Total Stash Count - 81 1/3 yrds

And here is my version of 'Strip Twist'.

This is with the black moon border - it's a 5" border. The purple stars is 3"

Here it is without the black border added to is:

Two quilt tops done in Janary. That is good for me!! this 20 min a day is a great thing!!!
(Especially when other people make dinner!!!) Okay - Happy Stash Busing for Feb!!!


  1. I like your Strip Twist. It looks fun.

  2. I love how your strip twist turned out! Right on time for Super Bowl Sunday finish! Good job on using the stash~I have no idea what my starting numbers are! :)

  3. I love the moon fabric, really looks good with the top!

  4. Oh, I name my machines too. Much easier to keep track of them. Right now I am sewing on Chuckee!

  5. I love the colors of your Strip Twist!

  6. I love the strip twist quilt. I must make one of them. I love all of Bonnie's quilts and patterns

  7. Hi Brenda~
    Hope you are feeling better and back to sewing soon! Love the Strip Twist! :-)

  8. Awesome job! Good for you! Looks absolutely wonderful! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  9. I love that quilt ... I've added it to my "to do list". Thanks for visiting my blog. Oh sorry I'm not done with the SUN ... I'll never be done with him. LOL

  10. Wow, your Strip Twist is fantastic! I love the colors. I can't believe how much you get done in just 20 minutes a day. You must be organized and fast.