Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Wounderful Day of Sewing!!

This has been a great day of learning!! (I hope!)

I asked my DD to help me figure out this blog stuff - and even though she grumbled about it, she did help!! One of the things that frustrated me was trying to put pic. on here - only being able to put one on and then it would only stay at the top!! NOT what I wanted!! So, lets see if I really did learn something......

I am working on the Strip Twist from Quiltville's Quips & Snips!! Here is what I have done so far: This is how I thought you put the blks together...

Well, it' s not!! I liked it, but it's not quite what the pattern says to do!! So, I layed out my blks again:And this is how they are supposed to go together!!

So, once I got the blks layed out right, I got to sewing and this is how they will look when done!

The blks are all done, but supper called and I have to finish ironing them, then I have to sew everything together and then two borders - which I have the material for already!! I have almost completed two - cout them!! TWO quilt tops for the month of January!!! Me, who all of last year, didn't come close to finishing anything!!! I am doing good. And I will learn this blogging thing!!
Here is another thing I am working on. I used to do alot of cross stich, and these are going to be ornaments for the christmas tree. This is how far I have gotten with them, next is to cut them out and sew 'em together. Here is my girls Snowmen Ornaments!!

Okay. I am done for tonight!! That Strip Twist is an easy, very fun and quick pattern to do!!

I am thinking of other way to put it together - Christmas fabrics is one way that has crossed my mind! Any type of jelly roll would be great!! I was never one to really look at those pkgs - well, I am going to be looking at them with a new eye!!!

The reason I did the twist with the alien fabric is a friend gave me a jelly roll of this fabric and I couldn't figure out which pattern to use it for. None of the ones I saw seemed right. When I saw this one yesterday, I pulled it out and started sewing!! It's a great pattern!!


  1. Lovely bright blocks! I bought a Batik jelly roll a while back that I haven't done anything with yet, as I haven't found "the patter" that I think it deserves yet... 8-)
    You will catch on to all the posting stuff eventually... you can click and drag the photos to any level in your post. Yes sometimes a double will pop up, just delete it...?...Shall I pop on over to tutor you a bit? 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  2. Forgot to mention, cute little snowmen! 8-)