Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stash Busting Week One

Okay time to do my 'stash busting' report. I have not counted all my stored fabrics yet - but they all will be counted. This 'count' is for me basically. I want to know how much I have in there.

Stash - 59 1/8 yrds

Fabric Bought - 0

Fabric Given - 0

Fabric Used - well, it's all been scraps. I will figure out this # when I have it closer to done.

Here is my project that is using up my scraps. It is called 'Morning Star' and it's from one of the nickle books. I still have borders to put on it. And I already have the backing and batting, so I am going to get this project done!! This was what I was going to wait till January to start, but now, it's close to being done, so I am planning on havig it done by the end (or sooner!!) or January!! All the middle squares are of flower fabrics and the side bars are batiks. The stars are either a pale brown/beige or yellow. No, it was not planned in anyway - I just threw things on my design wall, and just started sewing. I was not sure how I felt about it when it was in pieces, laying there, but as I sewed the pieces together, and the stars started 'shining' - I like it. It's not bright as in blinding, but it is a cheery little middle and I think, since it's just for the couch to curl up under, it will be perfect! I am thinking of naming it "January Sunshine" .
And the stars have litteraly come from my scraps pile. All bits a pieces that I sorted through, and now I have stars from material that some would have discarded. The points are from squares 1 1/2", the centers 2 1/2 " - it was alot of cutting tiny pieces, then making sure I had 8 points per star!!! Not all the stars have the same points!! But that is half the fun!!


  1. Love that quilt! It looks like a great stashbuster and January Sunshine is a great name.

  2. Oh Brenda - I do love that quilt! If you're going to curl up on the couch with it, you should use flannel as the backing!

  3. Add me to the quilt love. It's gorgeous!

  4. Wonderful quilt - I've been looking at my copy of that book alot this week - lots of great scrap busting patterns for sure! Welcome to blogging.
    Cheers! -Evelyn