Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stash Report week 4

Stash - 63 3/4 yrds
old Stash now counted - 11 3/4 yrds

Fabrics Added this week - 0
Fabrics Added year to date - 7 1/2 yrds

Fabrics Used this week - 0
Fabrics Used year to date - (not sure yet!!)

Stash Total - 74 1/2 yrds

No, this is still not my total stash - still have more to count. The old stash now counted # is the flannel backing that I bought this summer, and I have not cut it yet for the January Sunshine thow. But at least I know how much I have.

Judy was saying/asking why we are stash busting? And to not do it for the wrong reasons.

Well, I am doing it to stop myself from buying things I see and like, without thinking of all that I have at home waiting........ They were all "have to have's" too, when they came home with me.... and now they are dust collecting, "someday's". And they are not cheap either. I have spent good money on these projects/fabrics - I am going to spend this year finally realizing how much I have and get my 40 + UFO's onto the "DONE!!" pile.

I know for some of you my 100 or so yards is not alot..... and looking at pics of some people's stashes and collections, it's not. But for me, it's huge. And if it doesn't get used, it's a waste of space, of money, of my time - so why have it????

My goal this year, is to use what I have - and enjoy the process. Am I going to stop myself from buying? No, look at the fabric I have already bought - but, I am going to watch myself and not buy just because. I have projects ready in bags for me to create them and bring them to life. I am going to 'shop' there first - and thanks Judy for holding my hand! ;-)

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