Monday, January 26, 2009

Finished Step One!

Today, I have finished 'Step 1' of Bonnie's mystery!! then searched for step 2!! I finally realized I had put it with the fabric I have ready to use for this project!! So, step 2 is like step one, only not so much thinking, just mindless sewing and cutting till your done....... And I am thinking I will look for the ruler she talks about - hmmmm, we will see......

Today I asked a friend if - not right now!!- if she would teach me to long arm quilt???? She said maybe in July. That might be enough time for me to be comfortable with this idea. I have never looked at a quilt top, piece of fabric and 'seen' what you could do with it, quilting wise. I don't see 'flowers', 'stars' - 'feathers' there and 'loop-de-loops' there and ...... I just don't see the quilting that could be done on things......... I am a piecer. I love to sew those little pieces togerther - and with my January Sunshine, sitting on the design wall, and as my screen saver, I am thinking - 'quilt in the ditch'........ how exciting, but I can do that!!! So, I might learn to quilt.

So, I am starting out this week on track. I got caught up on my 20 min. that I was so behind on yesterday, and today, I did it when I was supposed to - so I am caught up!! And you know what?? That small amount of time, really makes a differnce. It is amazing what you can get done in 20 minutes. And if you have the time, you don't have to stop.......

I am watched the new show "Being Erica" tonight. I like it. I have watched it with the question in the back of my mind, if I could have a 'do-over' what would I choose to re-live??? What would I like to do again, with today's knowledge and wisdom.....I hope it's wisdom!!!! lol!! I do enjoy it though.

"House" too. "Big Bang Theroy" and "Two and a Half Men" + "Medium" round up my Monday nights. Me who likes to say I don't watch that much TV...... OH! Did you know medium is based on a real woman - who is just like the character on the show???? I just found that out! Now, I like the show even more....... I could not imagine having that skill/gift, however you want to view it.

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