Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Friday!!

I am still on a high from gettting that quilt top done!! For me, it has been done in record time!!! Unbelievable!! I have a top ready to be quilted - and I have the stuff to do it too!!
I have made it my goal, my mission, to sew for at least 20 minutes a day - everyday - and if I miss a day, I need to get caught up. I can sew for 4 hours or more, but that does not count towards the days coming, that is just a bonous for that day - tomorrow, I still have to do my 20 minutes of sewing!! And it is working for me!! This quilt top shows that!!
Now, I am going to pull out K's quilt that only needs binding and work on that for this weekend. Monday, I will work on "January Sunshine" and get it ready for the quilting. The reason I am not doing it now is, well, I have not done this part in a very long time.... so I want to make sure I have it right, and the backing needs to be washed anyway so, it's UFO time. I am also thinking, between 'new' projects, I will do at least 4 UFO projects. My 'reward' will be, I can start on something new. With about 40 UFO's right now, and kits and fabrics waiting in piles for certain projects, I think this is a good plan.
I am running out of room in my 'studio'. I can barely move with all the projects in the wings, that I need to work on them to get them out of my way. I do not like clutter, but it's what I have created - so I need to uncreate it!! And at 20 min. a day, I have the time!!

I am also making Sundays my Christmas project day. And yes, I have Christmas projects sitting, waiting for me to make the time. I planned on making each of my girls an ornament every year. And, they have to be a skill I have not used before. I used to do alot of cross stich. It would have been really easy to just make them all cross stich, but that is not what I wanted, so I have had to find things that I liked and learn a new thing..... Some of the years have not had the ornaments ready for Christmas, and they are still waiting to be done - SO - last Sunday, I finally found my snowmen (yes, it's cross stich, but it's on plastic canvas, so it's differnt than the other cross stiches.... cheating? yes!! but hey, it's what you do when your behind the 8 ball!! And as you now know, they didn't get done it time anyway - and now they are in my radar and they are going to be worked on till finished. And this is part of the girls gift next year. Probably make it one of the advent calander gifts - something else I am not so good at!

I made the advent calander 2 yrs. ago now and fogot about it!! It didn't get used that Christmas. This Christmas, well, for me it was not good, and the calander did not get used again. But next year, with all my Sundays doing holiday things, I will have things made and the calander will be up and filled with goodies!!
My daughters are teenagers, one almost an adult, but Christmas is still a great time of year. And I want to make this coming Christmas special. I stuggle with this season, and I do not want to dread it again like I have for the past, well, many years.

I am making the 'Artisian Bread' today. Make bread in 5 minutes a day!! I bought the book around Christmas time and have now - finally - put the flour, water, salt and yeast together (so easy!!!!) and it's resting on the counter for a couple hours.
Tonight, I will make ... well, it's friday, and I want to make 'bubble pizza' so might use some of this dough as the base. It will also make pizza crust, buns, lots of things. I like homemade pizza's but have not made one in years. So that is another reason I want to have bread dough handy. And since this sits in the fridge, waiting to be used, I can make pizza (and buns!!) when I want. Love this idea.

I also love to have meals in the freezer. Love the convience of it - when I am busy, appointments, going to the city for the day (I live in a small town, city is about 40 min. away, and I like to go there!!) , or if I have meetings at night - or want to do my own thing all day, having a meal ready to cook/re-heat and ready to go with no prep work - LOVE IT!!!!

My plans for this weekend? Get K's quilt ready to bind. And bind it. It's only been 1 yr. 4 months that it has been waiting to be finished (yeah, ready to bind so I put it away till 'later'...... enough of that! ) And that is my major goal.

Question of the day today: What habit do I have that gets in the way of my creativity??

Interesting answers I got down in my journal with that one. I like this question. Makes you think of where your time is really being spent. I love being creative, and I do not want to have anything blocking it - and I do have blocks that is for sure!! But this is the year that I want to change my habits for the better - and so far, so good!! I have a quilt top done and it's not even the middle of January yet!!! The best thing would to be getting 4 UFO's done a week!! According to my calculations in Dec. when I was looking at my list of things on the go, that would have me caught caught up by the end of the year!!!! And this does not include new things!!
Okay, I am off and going to read some blogs!! Get your engines started and make this weekend alot of fun!!!


  1. Hi Brenda,
    I like your ideas of Christmas Sundays and quilting 20 minutes a day. I also love your January sunshine quilt. That's one that has been on my "to-do" list for a long time. Thanks for stopping by my place and commenting.

  2. Wow it sounds like you are off to a great start for 09! Whoohoo! You go girl!! :-D I love 'January Sunshine'!