Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Took all day, but step 2 is basically done. All that is left is the pressing and cutting to size - then onto step 3..........

I am glad to have this project on the go again. I am itching to see it done!!

I only have the 'goose' blk to do and my goals for this week are done!! Other things I have been doing it trying to do my DS brain games - uh, my brain is 74....... not the age I want it to be!! lol!! I know it was younger before - like last year, then my kids 'borrowed' my DS and I just forgot about playing..... so, now I am making myself play it again. It's fun, and if it will help me get my concentration and memory back, I am willing to play!!

I have also been trying to 'walk'. I have some of Leslie Sanson's DVD's and I do enjoy doing them when it's cold outside or I just feel like moving. So this week I have pulled out my 1mile walk and done that before I go for breakfast. I am not a moring person, so 1 mile is a good start for me. One thing that I would like to do is go for walks and think... if you have read "Artist Way" or "Vein of Gold" by Julia Cameron, she talks about the walks being really helpful to clear your mind and then fill it with ideas. It helps with your creativity and is a really good thing to do for yourself. So, I would like to go walking........ What stops me is, I want to walk in beauty - and I just feel depressed walking here. Nothing inspires me on these walks, they just make me feel like I want to go back home. Living in the praries is hard for me. I come from mountains, and I miss the trees, the valleys and hills, the different levels that your walking on, I just miss the walking there where it's always changing. Okay, stop complaining, grow where you are planted, yeah, yeah, yeah. I've tried......

And I am still prez of my quilt guild. Am not sure how I feel about that. I had an incident today that makes me wounder why I said okay.... but I will figure out a resolution to this 'problem' and then it won't be an issue anymore. I do not like conflict and I do not like being talked over. Talked to, talked with, but do not talk over me. And if you ask me something, let me answer. So, enough said.

I have had a very nice Friday the 13th. I am were I want to be with my goals. That feels good. And I have been wanting to write my brain age on here, so that when I get it down to 20, I can see where I started from and when!! Okay, Goodnight!!!

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  1. What is this DS brain game you speak of?
    I miss my daily walks with my fur-girls. We don't like walking in the cold...especially this year's cold! I tell ya, Spring can't come soon enough for us! 8-) And walking on the treadmill is boring when there is no TV to watch as you do...
    How long do you have as prez of your guild till your term is up?
    Good for you for keeping up with your goals! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!