Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just talkin'

The Nintendo hand held game device - it's got a touch screen that you can write on: it's kids gaming device that they have made these gmes for anyone to play that helps to keep your brain working. I bought myself the system just to play the 'brain' games!! Is it working??? not sure..... lol!!
I love to have headphones on and rock away my walk as I walk on a treadmill!!?? Or better yet, I'll just crank up the toons and let everyone enjoy!!

My term as prez is as long as I want it to be (no one wants the job!!) and I was going to stop doing it this year..... When the voting came up, I heard one lady saying softly over and over "Brenda, Brenda, Brenda...." and other joined in....... So I just finally said "Why do you want me here???? I don't know what I am doing!!!!" So, they told me. And I am still Prez - but I said it may only be for the next year because I was seriously considering leaving the group all together..........

There is a reason I am counting my stash - I really want to know how much I have. And, I have also realized why you should do it to: Insurance. Believe me, it's easier to do it now, while it's sitting there then later, when you have had a fire or flood or some other disaster.

My friend got robbed a couple years ago - could you remember everything that you had when they have gone through your stuff and taken alot of it????

We had our basement flood and one part that was damaged was where I stored my books - my books, kids books, alot of books........ People came in to clean up the basement but eventually it was left up to us and guess what I found in one of the rooms??? Books, in plastic bags, covered in mold......... What were they??? I was not going to open those two bags that were that green , covered in mold to find out, but I did open the ones that I could still see the titles of them. And I am still not sure what was in the bags I threw out. I can guess, but think about it for a second....... each book cost some money and I know I lost at least a thousand dollars ( or more....) worth of books, but without the titles and cost to replace, they, the insurace company, are not going to see that. Same with our fabric stashes - there is more money invested there than you realize - and what would it cost you to replace it???? Without a count, how do you know? And insurance is not going to cover even close the the actual cost of loss supplies. You need know what is there. So, that is one of the reasons I am counting my stash. One of the rooms that got damaged, used to be my sewing area, and I store stuff on the floor....... I don't even want to think of it!!

Okay - on to what you want to know. But, do you really?????

Remember -- this is for my eyes only, so I am showing you 'cause you asked - AND I am still working on getting it workable. Right now, it's really not.....

My Stash:

This looks so messy - especially in pictures!! Really shows the worst of it!! To the left is batting, UFO's or Phd's as I learned today (project's half done!! love it!!) not fabric. On the bottom right is my scraps - I am trying to make them organized.... I know, good luck with that! The wicker basket is holding my kits.... I know where things are (for the most part...yup, I lied!!) Here is another shot of my closet:
The top shelf is a cardboard box of FQ's. They are all washed and ready to play with, but I was thinking of putting my FQ's in the little plastic boxes you see on the shelf. Most of my 'stash' is FQ's. The shelf is holding a pillow form, the pizza boxes are BOM's and the folded fabric's are 'counted'!! On the top shelf by the boxed FQ's are my January Sunshine and Strip Twisted tops, with backing waiting to be made into quilts......

Here is the rest of my stash:
this is what I have stored on the floor. The basket has more fabric, yards, that need to be counted. These are fabrics I have already decided what they should be, so they are not with the rest of the stash. I am having trouble organizing my room. Every time I think I have a great idea, it does not work out like I thought!! Does this system work for me? No. See the white to the left? That is my design wall, and it fills it up!! I have trouble with it taking up so much room, yet, I don't have anywhere else to put it. And I like having what I am working on right there in front of me, so I can see what I like and and am not sure of. I know I will find a bigger space, and for now, it will do. But that is my stash. Here are some of my room - plus my PhD's!! yes they have their own spot - so I can just easily grab one and get it done!!

I am going to leave you now with a picture of my neighbors tree. My daughter took this one, it's her favorite tree when it's frosts like this. I love the look of trees coverd with frost, and on the day this was taken, the trees didn't loose the frost, so they were coverd all day.......

I have learned that you can not post comments on this entery. I have no idea why not, but I also had a hard time to get it to post..... so, I was thinking if I edited it, it might now work??? Oh well, still like the frosted tree!! Maybe this editing will work so people can comment if they want. (I like comments!!)


  1. Hmmm~ it looked like it was posting my comment, but then it disappeared. :/ If this one doesn't show up, I'll comment on another post! :)

  2. Ok that one worked!! Originally I said~ love the look of the tree, but it gives me the shivers! :)) And~ could you hang your design wall from the ceiling with cup hooks and fishing line? If it was flat against the wall you would have more room for the good stuff~~ stash!! :))

  3. WOW! I believe your stash beats mine but we all get into projects and forget to put things away and then wind up with a mess and not able to work properly in our sewing areas and have to clean it up to get something done. I posted my before and after photos on my blog too. It takes time to get it all organized. Good luck with it and I'll keep checking out your blog.