Sunday, February 22, 2009

Stash Report week 8

Okay - here is my report:

Stash - 150 5/8 yrds
Old Stash ounted - 9 1/2 yrds (am not done yet - found this in a bag with a project!)

Fabric Added: 0
Fab. Year to Date: 13 1/8 yrd

Fab Used - 0 (I have been making blks but I will count these amounts when done making them)
Year to Date - 16 yrds

Total Stash Count- 160 1/8 yrds

I have made alot of blks this past week, and have pulled out my Stacked Posies from my pile of things I need to finish! This is where I found the fabrics I am adding to my stash count. I was surprised that there was almost 10 yrds in the bag!!! I would not have come to close to guessing that amount, but there it was..... I have alot more fabric than what I realize..... scary.
I have had a very produtive week - and have enjoyed it.
The sun is out and shining very brightly. That always makes the winter days seem nicer. Tomorrow, they are saying we are back to snow and winter.... okay then. I have been liking it not snowing!! It has been chilly, but I have been warm in my studio, so have not really noticed!

Have a great week busting that stash of yours and make beautiful things!!!!


  1. I am sad to say that I was going through my closets looking for an old UFO and found a bag of fabric scraps. GRRR, I have alot of stash to bust by the end of the year. I am working on a posie myself. I love you aliens quilt.

  2. I love to read back thru everyone's blogs each week. You're so right about the insurance, I have much of my stuff photoed, and saved the pictures to an on-line album. So if my house blows away, burns, or blows up, the pictures are still there! The tree was beautiful. And one time when an insurance agent had to count my stash, I will not tell you the number he finally quit at! LOL

  3. DON'T open the BAGS! They're like closets, open the door and all sorts of stuff falls on you!

  4. We haven't had a good dumping of snow in a while. Watch, it will come just before, or at our weekend retreat! Nooooooooooo............
    I "may" count my stash when my room switch happens... (THIS WEEK!) Is there a method of doing this? 8-)

  5. great week! you have gotten alot done. Keep it up - you are busting that stash and those projects. Kinda wish we would see some snow here but that is just wishful thinking.

  6. WOW, I would be totally scared to add up all my stash. I think it would be several hundred yards.

    Keep up the great work!