Friday, February 20, 2009

More Blks!

I am ready to show you some of the blks I have done this week!! The first are from the "Goose" BOM. I was not sure about the red, wanted it to be a bit darker, but I
really like these blks!!!

And now I have steps 2 & 3 of "Double Delight" done. I could not believe how loooooong these took to make, but I did it!! lol!! And, I used up tiny bits of pinks from my scraps pile - took out all the pinks and used up alot of them for the 9 patches. I have never made blks so small, and mine are a touch smaller than the 3.5" they are supposed to be, but I know that so I can work with it. If you are doing these, remember 'scant' 1/4"!!

I have seen a few of these Double Delight quilts done up and I do like them. This is the first quilt I have used brown on, and I am glad I bought extra because it came in really handy doing the "Foolish Goose Tracks".

And my last blk is another for the "Twilight Quilt" which is the Planet Patchwork '07-'08 BOM that they had "Celestial Migrane". This blk is called 'Twilight' which I thought was neat!!

Now, for this quilt, it also needs a total of 49 smaller stars to go around the bigger ones - so I figue, as I make the big ones, why not throw in a small one or two and then it won't seem like such an ordeal at the end??! So, today, I will be doing laundry, hubby is coming home for the weekend, and it's our 'movie' night (which was supposed to be a special night, but not so much anymore...........) and I am really hoping to find some time to do some work on my guilds BOM's - I was thinking to have made two by the end of today, but probably not...... This housework stuff always gets in the way!! Should do dishes too!!!! Does it ever stop??? (said with a smile!!)

Okay, off to get things done! Have a great Friday night and the best weekend you can!!


  1. Just tried to comment on your previous post, but it was a no go for some reason...?...Anyway, all I was going to put is "WOW"! lol! 8-)

    You've got some great blocks here! They all look great! I posted a photo of my friend's Double Delight on Wednesday! It's gorgeous! Love the colors! Check it out! 8-)
    Happy stitchings... and stash countings! 8-)