Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stash Report week 7

I have just learned something!! I was counting my stash on Tuesday, and thought, why not start the weekly 'stash busting' post and fill it in as your counting. Well, I didn't realize it wouldn't post it on the Sunday that I wanted it to!! Now I know, don't start the stash busting post early if you want it to post on Sunday!!! I had to laugh. I will get this 'posting' stuff, really I will!! lol!

HEY!!! I got how to change the date figured out!! Now my stashbusting post is where I wanted it to be!! Told you I would figure this out!!!!

Stash - 132 yrds
Old Stash counted - 13 yrds (with more to be counted)

Fabric added this week: 5 5/8 yrd
Fab. added year to date: 13 1/8 yrd

Fab. used this week: 6 1/3 backing
Fab used year to date: 16 yrds - backing

Total Stash Count: 150 5/8 yrd


This is a pic. of some of the fabric that I bought. I just had to have the 'love' fabric, and just in case you didn't know what blk fabric looked like, I had him beside the 'love'!! The other fabrics are veggie fabrics. I am planning (it has been in the planning stage a long time!! to make a picnic quilt with food fabrics. And my friend got some in her monthly mailing and asked if I wanted them!! So, I said okay.

So this in my report this week.
I have been doing alot of sewing; my BOM's, the Double Delight (that takes alot of sewing and cutting time!! lol!!) - and have been really enjoying going through my little pile of fabric and to see how much is in that 'little' pile makes me wounder how much other people have because my stash would make them laugh......... So, shop your stash, see what you find and lets make it shrink!! See what we can get out of our mess of pretty fabrics!
Me?? I am working on things I have been wanting to do awhile, and then it's UFO time!!
Have a great week - I know I am planning to!!


  1. okay, now I want to see a picture of this "little pile"! I had to count my stash once for insurance, it was SCARY!!

  2. I'd like to see your little pile too - I wonder if it's bigger or smaller than MY little pile?

  3. I've never counted my stash... wouldn't know where to begin! LOL! Sounds like work... 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  4. Hi Brenda~
    I'd like to see your 'little pile' too. :-) I won't count my stash because DH would surely take away my CC's if I did! LOL :-) Have fun!