Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ahhhh, to be a sewer of any kind....

I was going to change my bobbin yesterday - I like to have alot ready to go, so I usually just grab one and then it's good to go!! Well, it suddenly occured to me, when was the last time you actually cleaned out the bobbin area of your machine?? I have pulled out a little lint as I change, but not actually taken it apart and really got it cleaned out. So I did that yesterday. I had already pulled out alot of lint but thought I would take this picture to remind myself - DO IT MORE OFTEN!!!!!!!

I put it all back together, with a fresh new needle (which I am going to find a better needle to use - I seem to go through the ones I thought were such good deal really fast......) And my machine and me are happy now!
Oh, I should explain the tape. I use it to guide my material when I am sewing things like the stars on my quilt. It helps with making the square (star point) be where it should be, it really helps with the un-sewing I have had to do because I couldn't get them sewn on right without drawing a line on the square. This way, the tape lines up so as I sew, as long as I leave the point of the square running up the tape, it's sewn where it should be and they all come out very close to right, if not perfect!! No, it's not to hold my bobbin cover down, which is what I though when I looked at the picture!! I thought it was a better idea to use the painters tape instead of a permant marker drawn line, which would have worked too!!!

I had done alot of sewing last week, this week, with hubby home, I don't stay in there as much as I do when he's gone!! Not that he'd care, but I just feel.... funny spending all my time in my room with him home!! I shouldn't - he does not mind it, and the kids don't care - they make jokes and one always asks "Have you sewn your 20 minutes today???" and if I say " not yet" she tells me to get in there! But even so, I have gotten my first PhD done!! and I can check it off my list of 'things to finish'!!! Here is my finished "I don't have a name yet" quilt top for my future grandbabies!!!!

So, here it is, the nameless wounder.... And it's as far as I have come with it - no backing for it and I still have not decided on the binding... if I should do another border to complete the orange stars or leave it this size - 62" square. Yes, I will want the backing to be flannel, but you know what? I am not going to worry about it right now, I have 29 blks left to sew on Step 4 of the Double Delight I am working on - plus, I have to really think long and hard about not starting the quit Judy L. is posting about on her blog!!! I have alot of FQ's so I should give her project a try, but I also have alot of PhD's hanging around.....

I am really looking forward to sewing outside again this year. Didn't do it last year, and hubby asked me not to set up my stuff in the front yard again!! I still don't see why not, the sun is out there!!!! I just love to sew with the birds singing and the warm sun shining and the never ending breeze that is here........ that is something I had to get used to. But I love being outside in the sunshine. Hmmm, I am thinking I am done with the winter now. Felt like spring a couple weeks ago, smelt like spring and now it's back to cold and snow is coming again. And talking about my fish yesterday, really made me want to go plant a container with something so I could water it!!! lol!!! So, I am going to figure out where to set up my machine this year. I used to use the deck and it was great, but with no deck handy right now, I will have to be on the ground. Yup, out front it is then!!! ;-)