Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BOM Tuesday

Well, I have been to a quilt store today and come home, not empty handed though....... which is not really what I wanted!!
I have got my BOM from the store today - so it's here and ready to be made up.
Then I bought thread, which I need.
The black fabric??? Well, I am always looking for it and I do need it for my 'new' BOM that I want to do. Most, well, I am hoping all the rest of the fabrics will come from my stash - I just need to get it better organized so I can find my backgrounds...... But the pink 'love' fabric was a definite impulse purchase and so was the pattern..........

I bought the 'love' fabric because someday I would like to make a valentine something and this will go with the hearts fabrics that I already have. The black is in there to!!

Here is my pattern:

I will figure out (by reading my how to's!!) on how to post this right side up!! But hey, it's a quilt pattern and the quilt pictures look fine!! This pattern is for small quilts - 16"x20" using FQ's. Or Scraps- which I have alot of!! And when I saw the stars (the one in the middle) done up and haning on the wall - PRETTY!!!! The company is "From my heart to your hands" And these ones are designed by Lori Smith. I will one day - NOT SOON!!! work on this and see if they go together easy - then I will let you know! I just have to much on my plate right now, I keep finding new things to do and then I do 'em so I should not have bought this pattern!!!! Bad Brenda!!!

And now to show you another BOM I am working on. I printed off the Planet Patchwork BOM '07-'08 Celestial Migraine last year and kept wanting to work on them, but for many reasons didn't. I have started now!! Last summer a lady came by with her fabrics from a store she had shut down - I found a black batik with lots of colors through it - and I knew I had to have it!! It wasn't until I got home that I realized I had to have ALL of it, so went back and bought all that she had left!! And this is what I am using it for!!

These two are the start for the BOM. I had to make another one for my 'goal' this week and here is yesterdays blk. (the pattern says to make two. Well, I don't want two the same so I make the two but different!!)

So, this is my BOM "Twilight" started.
And now I have to get to work on my Cam. BOM - I will show you this one later. This is a BOM a LQS does, so it's a nice Tuesday drive once a month - and it goes from Sept to Aug. This year is a really simple, no stress blks - so they work up really quickly. I like that!! So, off to my sewing room!!!


  1. Hi Brenda

    I don't have a blog but am a quilter and read a lot of quilting blogs. It is really nice to find a fellow Albertan doing one. You have me thinking {so far just thinking} about counting my stash.

    Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your quilting.

  2. Hi Ann!! I am glad you said hello!! Nice meeting you!!