Sunday, February 8, 2009

Okay - I will make up some Goals for this week....

I keep reading other people and they make goals for the coming week. I have not ever made 'goals', I always have ideas of what I would like to have happen, but I am not a goal setter. I am thinking I should re-think this way of doing things.......
So - here I go:
  • Cam. BOM
  • Twilight blks - get at least one blk done
  • That new BOM - get it done too!!
  • Step 2 of Double Delights. I want this done this week.
  • Count more of the stash. How 'bout the Christmas stuff this week???
  • Cut out the backing for Strip Twist. Get it washed and put it with top.

Okay. Now it is written down, and there is not one reason why I can't get these few things done this week. Now I can go to bed a read a little. Night!!

1 comment:

  1. I wish you success with your to-do-list this week! You go girl! 8-)
    Lists and I don't get all! I get done, what I get done! LOL!!!
    Now get in that sewing room! lol....8-)
    Happy stitchings!