Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am working on a PhD!!

Well, I wanted to do some sewing today, missed yesterday with hubby coming home, so I was going to do my guilds BOM's today.... but when I walked into my sewing room I found myself grabbing a bag from the mess by the closet and guess what I found!? This is my version of a "Stacked Posie"!! When I saw this fabric I fell in love with it! It made me laugh and I just wanted to take it home....but I didn't. Well, my friend was going back to the store and I asked her if it was still there could she pick it up for me?? And she did!!! This is my fabric

Well, isn't it fun!!! here are the blks that you get from them, and because the fabric is a really tight design, alot of the blks look alike. But I think they are fun!!

I had decided shortly after I started these how I wanted to put them together, and I think it is going to work out nicely. Take 4 blks and put a small green sashing to connect them in the middle, then on the outside, aroud the 4 blks will be a bigger sashing and the corner will have stars in them!! Like in the January Sunshine quilt I have made in January. With the left over fabric, I am going to be making a pillow case!! This was the perfect project for me today!! Nice and bright and it is also going to help get my PhD's (projects half done!!!) Done!!!!

It does sound better calling them PhD's then that other - UFO's, but considering what this project is, UFO would work wouldn't it!!!

here is my blks with the sashing on - it's missing the middle one though, but it will be put on it. I am looking forward to seeing this top done!!!

So, until tomorrow then!!


  1. Very cool! Something I am hoping to try soon...I think I have a great fabric for it...if I recall correctly. 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  2. I've never heard of calling them PhD's! In that case I'm working on about 10 of them. LOL.

    I love your fabric! I like bright novelty types. They are so much fun!