Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daylight Savings Time

Are you in an area where you have to turn your clocks back?  And did you remember to do it last night??  Yesterday, I commented on how dark it was at 8am, well, today, it's bright again!!  Funny how that happens!!  So, if you have not done it, change your clocks back!!!

Yesterday, I finished the card deck that comes with the Rush Hour game I told you about on Friday.  And I made a mistake, I said I had 4 extra decks, no, I have 3, extra decks!!  It's 4 decks all together.  The 2nd set has a convertible red car to play with, 3rd is  a limo! and the 4the deck has a Taxi that you have to get out of the grid lock!!  And that seems appropriate!!  I really enjoy this puzzle game and yes, it would make a great Christmas gift for anyone!!  I remember my daughter and her friend working on them together one day!   They were in what??   Grade 4?  (they are both graduated and the friend is now a mother herself so, yes, I have had this game awhile!!)

And yesterday, when I was doing my 20 minutes of sewing, and that was ALL I was going to do, well, I didn't stop when the buzzer went off!  (yes, I do  time myself!! especially for when I fall behind - I want to make sure I have actually done my 'time'!! And not cheat!!)  That makes it sound like sewing is prison time!!!    But either way, it makes a HUGE difference in my productivity!!  So, since this is working for me, I am going to stick with it!! 
Anyways, here is my Step 4 from the Jelly Roll Mystery I am still doing!!  But, I have pulled out step 5 last night and it's is not what I thought!!!  Remember, I didn't peek, so it kinda surprised me!!!   I will be working on that today.  

And so, we are here again:   the question of the day!!  I don't know 'bout you, but these questions are hard for me!!   And so this one,

4)  What really tuns you on???

to me, it's the same as 'what are you passionate about?? And I  had trouble with that one!!  Which tells me, I have got to get to know myself!!  And why am I hiding - or better yet - what am I hiding???

What turns me on?  What excites me?  Well,  different things at different times.  I left my guild last year - 2010 - and I was told this year when they were starting up again, that I was coming back, kicking and screaming, I was coming back!!    I guess they miss me there, I had a couple people tell me this - things are, different, quieter, I don't know, I am not there!!  But I do know if I see something I like, I am excitable about it!!  Animated I guess you could say.  Ah, I'll admit it!!  I let the joy  out!!!   And I am not always quiet about it either!!  Like a little kid in the candy store, I have to see what's going on!!!

But, what really turns me on?  Gets the energy flowing, the ideas flying, the excitement to build.....  Good question.  I will think on it today.....

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