Monday, November 7, 2011

Plans today

Last night, I could not help myself.  I found a pattern for a table runner that I had printed off.  It is a Christmas one called "Christmas Stars Runner" - well.  It looks easy.  Quick to do, so.... yup.  I started to go through my fabrics.  And I did not come across anything that I liked.  It was okay, but not, eh... right.  So,  I changed tactics.  Why does it have to be in the greens and reds like the pattern?  Well, it doesn't!  So, look at your fabrics with a new eye then, and what do you see???  This!!!  The background (cream) will be the light, variegated purple pinkish fabric.  The star center will be the purple stars (for some reason I love this fabric!!! This pic does not make it look very good, but I really like it!!)  The red part is now the pink and the green star point is the purple with the snowflakes on it!!  It's only November and this will last through January too!!!  I do not have to put it away because it's  "Christmas" stuff!!!  And, if I do find it as easy as I think it will be - I can make one just for Christmas then!!  (oh heck, why not make one for Halloween too!! ) Birthday celebrations, everyday star runner...... see what happens when I let myself play!!  No wounder I have so many UFO's (and like alien fabrics so much!!).

Today, I plan on sewing - all day!!!  (lets see how that goes!!).  On the Rush Hour game, I am on Deck two, card #32.   Eight more cards then I am onto deck 3!!  The limo deck!!  I have played some of deck 3, but I have not finished it yet. I have not even  opened #4, so this will be fun.  Then what am I going to do??? 

5)  What is fun for you and not work?

Going to craft shows was my first though on this question!!!  We have the Butterdome Festival here in December.  And I had heard about it for years, but one day, the girls had  their ortho appointments early that morning, and as we left, I asked them if they would like to go check out this 'butterdome' things, if I could find it??  Well, I am so glad they said yes, because for me, it is heaven!!!! I have gone every year since, on the first day and I won't miss it!!  I take the girls out of school so they can come to and we go look at all the things artists from across this country have done and it magical!!  The things I see, the energy I get from the displays, the excitement I feel in the room........ it's my own personal little happy drug!!!  And I love it.

But does he mean when you are at work, what is fun and not 'work'??  Then that is a different question!!  Then, that would be, when I was working, talking to the customers.   Helping them get what they need.

But seriously, even in a 'chore' you do not like, there is something okay about it that is okay to do....... that makes it bearable.  That can get you through doing it!!  For me, one job I absolutely HATED, the only thing that got me through the day was, as soon as I got there, I would tell myself I was almost done.  Yup, you are almost finished.  Oh, look, it's almost time to go home ---- even when it was still 7-8 hrs away........ And it made the job easier because I could go home in a few minutes!!!! I only had a few more minutes to go, then I am outta here!!!!


  1. LOL I don't think I would've believed myself on that one! ;-)

    Love the table runner and the fabrics you chose~ have a fun day!!

  2. very cute pattern, one of my favorite stars. I have to say that interacting with people at work doesn't feel like work to me. The paperwork, ugh. Working on crafts doesn't feel like work, it feels like fun. Great blog questions.

  3. Great fabrics! I look forward to seeing your table topper come together Brenda! 8-)