Saturday, November 12, 2011

Snow has finally Arrived!! (but did it have to??)

It's not alot, but it's proof that is here.  And last night, I was outside thinking "is it really going to snow??  It is so warm, I don't think it will...." and woke up to this!!
It was funny!  When I opened the door to let the dog and cat out, and the cat who was waiting by to door as if to say, "What is taking you so long??" stopped completely when he looked outside!! Dead Stop!  He was not moving!!  So, I pushed him out with my foot - not meanly, just slowly  and he did go but he was not expecting the snow either!!

What is on your crafting plate today?  I plan on getting that Jelly Roll Mystery done today.  But my big project is the pillowcases I want done for Dec 1st.  And my daughter drew her Dad's name for stockings this year, and I have a stocking I have not finished for him yet (it has been ready to be made into stocking form for years..... this is the year.......) So, I will get that done right away, so she has it.  And I have another project off my mind..... it's scary how many I actual have on the go.......

Enjoy your Saturday.  Plumber will be here soon and I will have a dishwasher that works again!! Bye for now!


  1. we got snow last Sunday night but most of it is gone now, which is a good thing!

    Enjoy your Saturday Sewing Time :D

  2. It warmed up here and melting our snow, yes! I have been sewing Farmer's wife blocks.

  3. Oh no! Snow! Well there goes autumn. :-/ LOL I had great plans to sew today, but didn't sew a stitch. ;-)