Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dishwasher NOT installed.....

Had the person who is was going to install the dishwasher, here yesterday.  He is a plumber and he told me the dishwasher I bought (it's a Bosch) is a very good one, but they have their own system that they run on and it's takes a bit of time to get things right for them to work - they are not just a hook this up, plug that in and it's good to go!  They have a couple things that need to be set up right for them and he wishes Sears would tell people this when they buy this machine, so at least they are informed.
I told him that was not a problem, as long as it's done right, I am okay with it.

Now, here is the 'real' problem..... Water does not run uphill very well and, where the dishwasher drains, the pipe has a bow to it, and then the water that it is draining, well,  it has to move up, before it can go out......  And, he won't put in this dishwasher until that is fixed....  Which is just fine with me, because that is the last thing you need - poor drainage!!  And I am thinking this could be part of the problem of the dishwasher we have now - the icky water ends up back in it somehow because it couldn't drain properly.   So, he will be back on Saturday - and hubby will be home too!! So yeah..... it will be interesting to see what happens then.....

  He was not happy when I told him, what was going on and I that I told the plumber to come back and fix what was wrong,  but I don't care.  This is a maintenance issue with the house, and it is going to be done.  Fixed and good to go.  
And  then hubby agreed.   The thing that is almost funny:  my dishwasher was on Sale!!!  But the pluming bill is the same cost as my dishwasher!!  Were did I save?? 

I am actually kidding  - I am glad it's being fixed.  I don't care the about the cost because not fixed could cause huge problems so, I just want it done.   And this is something I was not aware of, but when pointed out to me, you could see it!!!   And Terry said, when we were talking, that he had noticed the bow.....???

What I was not happy about - the plumber asked if we had solved the mouse problem.  Uh, what??  "The mouse problem", he answers.  "What mouse problem?????"   Under the dishwasher, is mouse droppings!!  Granted, he told me they were old droppings, but I don't care!!!  YUCK!!!!  So, now I am cleaning up that mess and finding traps to prevent it from happening again.   He told me mice love dishwashers!!!  They are warm and cozy and they just love to be around them!!! 
Right now, with the weather being as warm as it is, I could see mice moving in. They know it is going to get cold out soon and are looking for good places to hole up for the winter.   And last night, probably just because he mentioned mice, I am sure that one was in the wall by the garage because you could hear squeaking and our cat JC was very interested in that area....... And Terry had seen a mouse in the garage the other day....

Here is the last of the articles questions!

7) What gives you a sense of fulfillment?

(and the article continues here...)   Fun is great, but don't forget to ask question 7.  Everyone desires a sense of accomplishment and success. What makes you feel great deep down in your soul?
If you have an established business, consider retuning to your original passion.  Get in touch with what drove you and get back to doing the things you can't wait to do each day.  Who knows - maybe you won't want to sell your business after all.

Remember, this article was by Eric Gilboord, and it's not about 'creativity per say, but the questions are about you.  And what do you want in your day to day life.  And how to get more of what you love and enjoy into those days!!!!

NOT a mouse!!  This is one of my Chinchillas.   I think it's funny I picked this pic, not realizing what it looked like till it posted!!!  Okay, so even though the mouse problem is not funny, you have to laugh and not stress about it.  Now that I know there is a problem - I will fix it!
Have a great Wednesday and enjoy yourself.  I will be sewing for part of this day.... that is the plan.

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