Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Dishwasher being Installed today!!

It's been over a week since I went and bought a dishwasher and today is the day they are putting it in!!  And taking away the old one that the girls taped a note to the front:
So, you know there is a problem when....

And today, there will be a new one in it's place.  They will be here soon, so I need to get some stuff moved away from the front door!!  They  are installing the new guy and taking this old one away with them!  And I don't have to worry about it not being installed right - so win/win!!!  And everyone will be happier than they are now - because as they are putting the 'clean' dishes away, some just would go right back into the sink - and now that should not happen.  I guess after 10 yrs, it's okay it wants out of here!!!

This is the start to step 5 of the Jelly Roll mystery.  Hmmm, not very flattering.... but this is not how I will sew them, they were just put up  there.    I have a few rows to play with and the yellow is very strong.....  eh, it will be bright and sunny and my daughters made a comment about the blue yesterday being water and I thought "Sunshine and Rain" should be this quilts name!!  
This pattern is fun to do.  I honestly thought the big pieces we made would be being cut up into smaller ones, then pieces together again!! But nope - you use as is and it is a quick quilt project!!  And a baby quilt would be fun, so would a Christmas one - was thinking doing some blks all red, others in greens and the background in creams and golds.......  And I wounder why I start so many things!!  I want to see what they would look like in 'real life' and not just a picture on a page!!!

And on the Rush Hour game, I am on the 3rd deck, which when I opened it, my last game would have been #27.  It has me stumped right now on #6!!   I will get through it though, did before, I will again!!

Put your thinking caps on and answer this question to find out more of who you are....

6) What activities do you like to do?

Well, not house work, and I have to do a little before the crew comes to switch out dishwashers, so I have to get off here!!
But I will be thinking of things I like to do.  To get my creativity up and feel that energy that comes when I just have to do something!! Shop Hopping with friends!!!  That is one activity I love to do!!!  How 'bout you!? 


  1. Haha~ loved the little note! Good luck getting your dishwasher installed. :-) You know me, my favorite activities are sewing & shopping! LOL Have a great day!

  2. Woohoo! A new dishwasher! Lucky you!! 8-)

    Where is this Jellyroll Mystery you are following?

    Hmmm...? I like; spending time with my kids/grandbaby, quilting and quilt retreats with friends, camping with my Bro and SIL, traveling some, my dogs, the odd smoke (yes you read that right), my house, being a stay at home person... yadda, yadda, yadda... ;)