Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday!! Could it be Movie Night then???

On Friday's when the girls were little - we do 'movie night'!!  We, I mean "I", would plan a snack food or two, we would all have picked our show from home, or gone to the video store, and then we would park ourselves in front of the TV and go on an adventure!!!
Good memories.  Fun times!!!  And now, we do not do that so much anymore.....  but it is Friday!! Snack night and good times can still be had!!!  I might just make popcorn for dinner and call it good!!!

Okay, on to more fun things!  Have you ever gone to Thousands of Bolts?   Well, I found them the other day when someone had mentioned that they liked their service and the prices were good.  So, I found myself playing yesterday!!  Oops!!   And today I get an email that they are having a sale!!!  I should have waited!!!  But then again, maybe they would have been out of what I ordered.... yeah, that makes me feel better!!!

I have now bought a selection of 'reds' for Bonnie Hunter's new mystery coming up on the 18th - I am excited to be doing this!!  (me, who was not going to start anything new??!!  That is not working out very well!!!  But I am having fun!!!).  And I also got some blacks as I do not have a wide selection of that one either.  I shop for what I like, not in colour categories, but I am thinking I am going to have start re-thinking that plan!!! 

And here is another thing I have been doing - have you ever played the game Rush Hour??   It's a puzzle game, where you lay your pieces on a grid, the red car is you, and you have to find a way out of the mess??
This is where I finally left it last night, at midnight!!!  It's an addictive little game!!  I set up card #29 - and went to bed!!!  How will I get the red car free???
I am not worried, I've done the first deck before, so I know it's do-able.  My daughter asked me why I was not playing at the card deck I am actually on (I have 4 other decks for this game, and realized last night, the last deck has not even been opened yet!!! Exciting!!!)  I  told her, I have not played in so long, I am just going to start over from the beginning.  And my other reason??  I bought my sister this yesterday, and when she phones to  ask for help - I will know what she is talking about!!!  And this would make a great gift for anyone of any age!!!  The one I bought yesterday was just over $20 and I mean it's hours of play here!!

And on to today's question.  Put your creative thinking caps on and answer this one today.  It should be easier than yesterdays:    

When you wake up what do you wish you could be doing?

Good question!!  That will be interesting to see what answers you get!!  Me, it would be looking at beautiful mountains and at the lake outside my house as I drink my morning tea and eat my breakfast,  but, that is not were I am at right now.  This is a wish list. Not how it 'really is' - so today, go dream of what you would like to do when you wake up!!!!

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  1. That Thousands of Bolts looks interesting! Will have to check it out on Monday...

    That looks like an interesting game Brenda! I like a good puzzle challenge... Thinking Christmas items!!

    Now to answer your questions...
    I wish I were sitting with a big cup of coffee, on a very comfy chair, on a cliff, overlooking the ocean, when the whales are around... This is coming from a prairie girl... lol! 8-)