Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today Has Been a GREAT DAY!!!!

I have just found a post on how to make a dog collar.   I don't know if - or should I say, when, I will be making this, but it's perfect for making a special one for, hmmm, Christmas maybe??!!  And my dog has outgrown his, and is without one right now - so this should be on my to-do list!!!

I think it would make a good gift for a friends dog too!!  Just an idea......

And I do not know the date that this will post on - I started it yesterday, but am finishing it today - so we will see...

I went today to got my hair dyed and cut - and have even made an appointment for January.... Something I usually do not do??  But I liked the stylist and well, I have to start keeping up with it because my hair is more grey than I like and I am tired of looking in the mirror and seeing how grey it is!!!!

And after, I knew I was going to my LQS, had decided that the other day when I was in the city picking up my new ruler - the one to help me with my blks for Bonnie's Mystery!! (Which, no, I have not started yet... tonight though, it will be tonight!!!!)  I am being picked up for my guild meeting (or else I would not go...) and I am planning on cutting and sewing some together there. 

I went to the quilt shop, and found some more Grinch flannel's - the one I am using for my pillowcases is gone, but I found some that will work.  I will take a pic later... it's for a gift, so after the first of December, I can show you, but for now it's supposed to be a secret!!!   Anyways, I only had enough fabric for 3 pillowcases, so the next one will be different, that's okay though, it's for me!!!!  And since I have washed the flannel, I have to wash this new stuff too, because the rest of it - the 'leftovers'  are being made into a rag quilt!!  And you can not have wash flannel with non-washed flannel, so everything is washed now.... and I might have to wash more, since I do not think I have enough for the quilt......  But I think it will be really cute for a throw on the couch for Christmas!! Especially if you haul out your pillow in it's case and relax and watch a movie!

What is your favorite Christmas movie?  Me? It's the black and white, Miracle on 34th street!!!  LOVE this move!!  But saying that, my new favorite is Polar Express!!!   Common!! You have to believe in Santa Clause!!!

Okay, since I am being picked up for the guild meeting, I have to be ready and so I am off to get my stuff packed and by the door!!!

OH!!  Have you made any New Year Plans yet????   I have.  2012 is the year I am going to take at least 6 classes to learn a new skill......  (I was going to say 'one a month' but then reality hit me!!  I do not need to create more UFO's - PHD's or anything that is not going to be finished any time soon... like the things  I am seeming to doing now!!!  Pillowcases?? AND a rag quilt?????  What about the border on the coffee quilt?? Is Halloween done yet??? and the Piece and Goodwill?????  Yeah, when are they getting completed??? and don't you have some that need binding????  Okay, when are you going to finish what you have going on and now you are going to take CLASSES??????

Yup, I am !!!   And, finish what I've started too......................................!! ;-)


  1. I had to order in the compainion ruler. I haven't even pulled the fabrics for it yet. I assume you mean Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. Not sure if i will get to it this weekend as my son is coming home!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a very good day! Have fun at guild! :-) And you know~ those things that are started but not finished? They are just 'under fermentation' waiting for inspiration to strike you again. No worries. ;-)