Friday, November 11, 2011

Remembrance Day

Today is a day to remember.  One day we all share in the memories of people who fought to keep this country and others safe from harm.  And we all know people who have fought for this - uncles, aunts.  Friends and other family members.   My mom had a brother who was in the 2nd World War, and her being very young when he got back, she would run out the door and let the door slam and what freaked her out, is this man, who she really didn't know, would dive for cover every time and scare her!!  What did these men and woman go through??  And they did not have the help we have now for PTS.  They just didn't talk about it...

My grandmother lived through both wars.  And the second one, two of her sons were in it.  So, yes, memories.   Please take the time to remember today.


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