Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quick Hello!!

I have been sewing most of the weekend, and tomorrow I am going to a friends and we will sew together.  I am not sure how many will be there, but it's supposed to be cold an yucky, so. I'm in!!  Might as well sew with friends instead of always by myself.

I have gotten the coffee quilt with  borders on it now - I will post a pic at a later date.   I am still going to be putting  anther border on this top so it's not done, but almost......
 The Halloween, has the orange pumpkin fabric - and when I said 4" border, uh, that is what I cut!!  So, it's not going to be the 4" like I had planned, but I also am putting on some of the black around the pumpkin to make it a bit bigger, so that will help!!  It is almost done too!!
And my Piece & Goodwill blks are now being my leader and enders!!!!  They are looking really good too, so I am happy to say, I am making another top while I work on finishing my projects!!

Have I started the Bonnie mystery yet?  Uh, yes, but, saying that, I am using a new ruler and we are not getting along!!  It will be fine though - I found my regular ruler and I should be getting my triangles the right size soon!!  And as I was cutting out some fabrics today (getting frustrated at how cramped my space is - which is no bodies fault but mine.....) I came across another bucket of scraps!!??!!  How many of these  do I have????  (Don't answer!!! I do not want to know I have any more..... I shouldn't even have one!!!)  Anyways, in this bucket are blacks - and creams, and usable pieces for this mystery!!!!  Not very big pieces, but I can and will use them.  And I was!

And that has been my weekend.  How has yours been???  Cold out, so  I stayed inside.......


  1. Sounds like a wonderfully productive weekend for you Brenda! Good for you!! Your projects are looking great!!

    Love your Coffee Quilt! Doing leaders and enders for your P&G is a great idea! Good for you!!

    I gave a thought to doing BH's new mystery, but I'm heading into finishing up lots laying around here... We shall see... lol!

    Happy stitching!

  2. Hi Brenda, The coffee quilt looks great and please share pictures with borders, the top has quit "talking" to me...or I just can't hear it above all the other noise going on at the moment. You are getting so much done... You GO girl!

  3. Whoohoo you sew girl!! :-D I love the coffee quilt! And the halloween blocks are so cute. Oh I need to get back to sewing more! ;-)