Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Winter Snow Storm!!

Well, it's been snowing and blowing all day!!! Old man winter is really here and is not going to go away any time soon so, what's a girl to do???  Sew of course!!!  And I have been!!!

So this is what it looks like outside.  I was hoping to get a pic of the snow blowing around, but it didn't come out like that, so... this is what  it is.    Grey sky's and snow that is coming down and moving in the wind!! My daughter went and cleaned off the driveway, and then did it again when it just all blew back on!! 

And it is now here to stay.

It actually does not look to bad out there in this pic.
It certainly isn't nice!!!!

Daughter told me we should go put up our Christmas lights!!  Uh, she likes to go out in the snow and cold - I don't!!!

No lights going up in this weather!!!

This is my newest bird feeder.  No birds now, but blue jays come to visit alot!! 

And this is my final layout of my Halloween blocks!!  It really does look better in person, and it definitely looks better when sew together!! I am treating these blks as leader/enders, so when I have finished putting on a border on my coffee quilt - the summer mystery that has the baskets on it - I will put two of my Halloween blks together and sew them up.  I sometimes put two sets through, and it's making putting this top together a little  quicker!!  I am having fun.  But since I ran out of bobbin thread and my spool of thread is almost empty and my Audio book CD needs to be changed - and this all happened at the same time!! I took it as a sign to be done for the day!!! 

Tomorrow I will show you my Coffee Quilt top with the first border on!!!
Talk to you tomorrow!!!!

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