Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday - And I am back!!

I am starting out today by getting my crock pot all set up with this Taco Soup - found on Stephanie O'Dea's site!  When I told my family I was making this (I had just gotten Stephanie's book "Make it Fast, Cook it Slow" - I got some funny looks.  I made it anyway and it was a HIT!!  So, today, I am making it again and that way, no matter what I do (or don't do....) I have supper made!!  And you can eat it whenever you are ready to - or not!!  This makes great leftovers!!!

The rest of my day -   Working on the jelly roll mystery I told you about yesterday.  I was - still am, on step 4, and today, I will finish that step, then move onto the end steps......

And I bought myself a Cutting Edge ruler.  One quilt shop I was at this summer told me they have been using them for cutting their fabrics and that they are not going through rotary blades like they used to since they started using these rulers so......  I got myself a 6.5"x12.5".   Tried it for the first time last night..... It makes a scratchy sound as you cut that takes a minute to get used to and the numbers are different..... I am very used to Omni Grid and this is not the same!!!   But, I think it will be okay.  I bought it mostly to see if it would keep the blade sharp, and for cutting up my scraps!!  Oh, that link will take you to a Pat Sloan demonstration of the rulers!!  enjoy!!


  1. Have fun sewing today, can't wait to see your progress pics :)

  2. Good morning!! Taco soup sounds really good! :-) Have a fun sewing day!

  3. Good to see you blogging! A snow free October, I am jealous, we had a couple of snows but they didn't stay.
    I can't bring myself to do mystery quilts. I don't like the, well, mystery part, hahaha.

    I am changing my bad habits too. I need to keep positive and keep on a healthy diet. I am fairly organized but the papers are usually a disater stuffed in file folders that are somewhat grouped in sensible fashion.

    Can't wait to see what our mystery quilts look like!