Monday, November 14, 2011

New Winter Tires Now On Car!!

I had to go to the city to get my winter tires put on the car.  Coming home, tire pressure lights up on my console!!  Scared me!!  Hubby checked and one tire had 10 lbs more air then the others..... I am going to the dentist tomrrow  in another town, and I am going to ask the shop  there, same company, to check my tires to make sure it is really okay!! Your life is really depending on these tires so I want to make sure it's okay!!
Well, while the tires were being done, I had 2 hrs to amuse myself.  I thought I would get myself a magazine and a coffee/tea and sit out the wait, reading.... well, that didn't happen!!   I ended up with two magazines, and no sitting!! 
I found this magazine on a blog I visited yesterday - and when I saw it, I was sure the quilt I really liked was in it.... it is!!!!!   And they have a few more intersting things in there, so I guess the $14.00 price tag is worth   it!!   I just know I really like the quilt on page 91 - and now I have the pattern for it!!!

So, look what was in the mail for me today!!!  I was happy to see it arrive!!  Yes, it is my

fabric that I ordered from Thousand Of Bolts the other day.  The morning after they sent an email saying it had been sent!
I do not have reds in my collection - now I do!!!  Even red solids, which I am not really fond of, but hey, it's here and now I can will use it!!
 And here are my blacks.... plus a little bit more!!  I had to have a Halloween!!  And those Christmas trees?? Way to cute, had to have some!!  And that blue/black bali??  I think will work in  mystery that starts on the 18th!!


  1. Looks like you are ready for a mystery! Love your new fabrics~ every single one!! LOL Your new book looks interesting~ what pattern were you looking for?

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