Thursday, November 10, 2011

Testing, testing, One, Two, Three....

I have found a colour test, so you can see what your favorite colour means to you!   Actually, the thing I was reading was an article about colour and mentions books at the end, so I came on to see if they had any on-line tests and I found one.  I did it and see what you think!

I cleaned out quilt magazines from my room last night.  I will not do most of those projects - so I took out the ones I liked and put them in page protectors and now I have my own 'magazine'!! Without the adds!!!  And it's funny how I like all the projects in there!!
No, I did not throw out all my magazines, if they had more than 2 projects that I liked in them, they stayed + all the Quiltmakers......  but my shelf has more room - which is good because I needed someplace to put my new binder of projects!!  And I will take the huge stack of go-aways that I do not want to my guild meeting tonight and let the other ladies have 'em.   And what they don't take I just might leave for the Home Ec teacher - she can use them or throw them out.  I do not want these back.  So, garbage to me and that is good. 
I am a 'hoarder' of recipe books and craft books that I am interested in.  And enough is enough.   Out with the old, and in with projects getting done and then that whole mess is out the door to!!!  Between my paper collection (books, jotting down ideas on loose paper, pages taken loosely from magazines) and my collection of project half done, if that much done!!  I have a problem!!  And it's not fun to work around.  So, no more working around it.  If it's not helping, it's hindering and so out the door you go!!

So that is how it stands today.   And my shelf, looked better after the over haul.  Now, what to do with these books........  I went through them quickly last night, and pulled a few that I won't use again and the are with the magazines.  But, I really need to go through them again and see if I really want them, or do I have them just because I wanted them all from the author (Judy Martin)...  Seriously.   Am I ever going to use these books or are they there for inspiration?  Eye candy can be good!!!  But I also want to make my room user friendly and not a cluttered up mess space!

Here is one UFO - my daughters quilt, for her 16th birthday.  She will be 20 at the end of the month.....

And another project waiting to be done......... Stonehenge.  This is the start of the disappearing 9 patch - it is now done like that, but it's not finished.   Wouldn't this make a neat twister quilt!!  Okay, enough!!
It is time for me to go and get this day - well afternoon started!!  I have a quilt guild meeting to go to tonight, my first of the year.  And since Hubby and daughter are on their way home from their job, I think I should make them dinner too!!!  That would be nice I am thinking!!!

So here is  a question, just because:   Do you control time, or does time control you?


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