Sunday, November 13, 2011

I just got an email that not only surprised me, it thrilled me!!!  I was on Bonnie Hunters site looking at what she had to say and  I left a comment.  NOT because she was doing a draw, but because I loved what I saw and wanted to comment on it - and I was one of the two lucky winners!!!  She drew my name!!! You can see it here, if you want to read about it!! But isn't that exciting?!?!  

So, last night, I decided that I had to get my Jelly Roll Mystery done - well, the top done and out of my hair!!    Bonnie Hunters new mystery is starting this week and I need to be done some of my projects - this one was first on my list.....   And here it is.  
Do I like it??  It's bright and happy looking, but I am thinking the square border just gets lost in it..... But it's done, and I enjoyed it and now, I can move on to all my other projects!!!

 Like my Halloween blks!!  Here are the last of them - I got them done today after using them as leader/enders during the above mystery!  And it was quick to put them together - which was nice.
I am going to  get ll my blks together and then give this quit a  4" border.  Then the  binding which I might do a deep orange or purple even!! But I might do black..... (boring....)   I am thinking the one on the right will be used as the border.  It's pumpkins and I think it works for this quilt!!  I have a close up it below.

 These are more pics of the blks.  Closer views.  I ran out of the black pumpkin ribbon fabric so, I had to use plain black.  I think it will look okay once in the quilt - right now it's kind of popping off the screen, but it's going to be fine. If not, it's okay.  It's Halloween and doesn't have to be pretty - just fun!!
I really like the bats on the blue.
 Here is the pumpkin fabric that I think will be it's border
 The other is orange stars on the black background.   I don't like it as much...... and besides, I have way more of the pumpkin one so....

   I am now working on the border for the coffee quilt I did this summer.  And that is what I just left on the ironing board when I decided I had been in my room long enough.  
 Today I was listening to Queen's greatest hits while I sewed, and I think I turned it on again and again about 4 times!!! (it could have been more....)  I enjoy that album! Okay, CD - and soon it will be 'digital copy'...... And I am probably  should be thinking of getting myself an MP3 player, just to have  huge variety of music I can sing to while I sew.   Some people whistle while they work.  Me, I listen to books or music that fills  my soul with joy and crank it loud!!!  I was at one meeting once, a work meeting, where you bring your machine and sew.  I was told,  not to play music, (it was classical music, softly playing by my machine.....) by a woman who can be - difficult - but I love her, so I turned it off.  But I did not understand it.  Rock, yes, that I get and as loud as I would have it sometimes at home, I get, but elevator music just for background sound....... I still don't get it.  And I know anyone else wouldn't have minded, but I never brought my music to share again.  And that makes me sad because I enjoy music while I sew.  It helps me keep moving and makes me smile and I just enjoy it!!    What do you do while you sew? 
I also listen to books!!!  It's fun!!!


  1. Congrats on your win! I like your Halloween quilt.

  2. I've usually got cartoons and loud little boys in the background when I'm sewing. Unless it's late at night -- then I've usualaly got something going on Netflix or the DVR.

    Your quilts are really looking great!