Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday - All Day!!

Well, I figured out what to say today.  I was reading my Costco magazine that they send in the mail and sometimes the articles can catch my eye.  This one did.  It was in the business section, but this is not about business so much as the people running the business, which, well, is the business.  I don't know about you, but when I shop, I shop more for how I feel in the store then anything else, so yes, customer service (or lack there of....) makes a difference to me!  So, enough of that - on to the questions! 
  This  is where I got these questions from - I am going to post them one a day!  Give you time to think about them.  I was thinking the first one was easy, till I started to write down what my answer was....   So.  Find your genius inside you and:

#1 - What are you passionate about?

I have actually wrote this on a 4x6 recipe card to take with me today as I do all my running around, so when something hits me, I can just jot it down!!  Because, I thought, oh, this is easy.... and when I thought about what lights my fire, keeps me up at night because I just can't put it down, nothing really came to mind.  And it makes me wounder, how  deep have I buried all my dreams???
What is my passion??  Sure I 'like' things, but am I passionate about them???  There are times when I loose time working on something, but that is not all the time and not often either...... 

Time to get myself going.  I have a busy morning ahead of me and then lunch with my big sister!!!  So gotta go!!!


  1. that is a good question. As I start the process of sending kids off to university and we become empty nesters, I question myself too. I guess it is the mid-life crisis rearing its ugly head! I will ponder that some more as I clean the house today.. I do know I love to quilt.

  2. Have a fun day!! Too deep of a question for me today. LOL